This is a Massive Zoom Tool For Your Smartphone!

Have you ever wanted to watch at birds more closeup with your smartphone? You can now do that with this wild 30X25 camera lens from DongChaQiuHao brand! Let’s have a look at what is inside it.

The specs: No vignetting, High-definition, Telescope eyepiece, Rotary goggles, Anti-slip protection, Belt buckle, Focus wheel and Telescope objective lens. FC coating lens will give you more clear view compared to a normal lens.

30X25 telescope lens is best used for tour, bird watching, scenery, portrait, hunting and watching a cool sky. With this lens you may see things that are 1500m away! It will make you be able to observe the world in another way.

All these things that are close to you on a daily basis but you need a zoom lens to be able to see them. This will allow you to see everything around you! Be aware to not use this lens to look at the sun that is not good for your human eyes! Something that’s good to know is that it’s life waterproof!

Which makes me curious if you would be able to use it under water with a waterproof phone hmm..

The main things you get inside the package includes: 30X25 Lens Telescope, Pouch, Strap Buckle, Lens Cover, Manual and Universal Holder/Clip.

It’s pretty large for it’s size but it’s nice how it has a texture that will give you a nice comfy grip! It’s in one colour: Black.

People have said that the 30X25 view is good but that it’s not stabilised so you need a tripod to get stable images or video footage. The footage isn’t perfect if you look super up close but for the price you pay it’s amazing zoom in functionality! What do you think about this lens?

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