Beautiful Fashion Watch For a Great Price!

I have checked out some Android smart watches in the past but some people don’t like that and want something that is a little bit more old school. This watch here from the brand NORTH looks amazing and comes at an affordable price. It’s called the 6009. Let’s take a look at what you get.

Specs goes: Wrist watch, Quartz movement, Round case shape, Glass window, Leather band, Alloy case, Needle buckle clasp, Both fashion and casual style and for males. The colours are: Blue, Coffee, White and Black. It’s also life waterproof as they call it.

The 6009 watch has the NORTH Logo, Complete Calendar, 3 ATM Water Resistance 30 meters. The Japan Quartz movement should last 1.5 years. Here is a big thing to know that the 3 small sub dials are just for decoration they don’t actually work!

The glass on the watch is high abrasion resistant glass. The crown has IP 2 tone silver and gold vacuum with electroplating case. Stainless steel on the back case with a hi-tech laser logo.

My favourite thing about 6009 watch is it’s water durability and also how it looks more expensive than it actually is so you can fool your friends! Obviously it doesn’t have any special features because then it would cost more money.

I also like how different the four colours are. The brown coffee variant definitely looks original haven’t seen a watch like that before. People at your regular cafe will surely be impressed!

The leather band might not be something everyone enjoys some probably prefer other materials. Some people also prefer watches that displays the numbers this one doesn’t do that. But it’s super cool how it comes with a date function. I’m usually a big fan of SEIKO watches but if I want something more affordable I would go with this.

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