Xiaomi Creates Electric Scooters!

I have been talking a lot about smartphones and computers on my website. But there are also other new tech that is both useful and interesting. One of those gadgets are from Xiaomi and is called M365 Electric Scooter! Some call it smart riding equipment.

Let’s take a look at what you get in a quick summary: IP54 certification, 12.5kg light, 30km long life, Folding, BMS double brake system, 25km/h max speed, Max load 100kg, Two wheels, Aluminium alloy material, Black colour, 87.5mm in height, 6.7 inch motor size, 8.5 inch tires, LED taillight, 4 LED power indicators and more!


If you would run into an accident with M365 then the brake distance in dry state is 4 meters. It’s an electric scooter suitable for 16-50 year olds. It’s suitable for the terrain: Cement, Asphalt, Pavement and Flat Soil Pavement.

Charge time is a bit long 5.5 hours so good over night. 250W motor inside with an LG battery. The handles got a no-slip design. You get a bell, push type accelerator, one button design and power display clear to see. Anti-lock system available.

At dark you have bright headlights that can see up to 6 meters ahead of you. Red highlight warning light on back when braking. You also have an app for your smartphone where you can see live stats about the scooter like riding speed and remaining power. There is an anti-sliding and anti shock system that will work well with the tires.

In total size when M365 is up it’s 1140mm tall and 1080mm long. And when folded it’s 490mm tall. The battery has great built in protection for things like: Short circuit, overcurrent, double overcharge, double over-discharge and temperature anomaly.

Really cool scooter from a trusted brand that you will know will deliver great performance. Just make sure you live in an area with good pavement or terrain that is suitable!

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