BlitzWolfs Fashionable New 2017 Earphones!

I have been checking out cables from BlitzWolf in the past. But just as KZ brand they also create earphones. Affordable ones with nice design! These here are called the BW-ES2. Let’s take a look to see what you get!

The specs are: Dual dynamic driver, Built-in Mic, Stereo sound, Wired control, 3.5mm plug and Red and black colours Beats design.

If we go a little bit deeper to see how these earphones are built up we will find these parts: Outer layer soft silicone earbuds, acoustic damping, acoustic front cavity, aluminium alloy protective cover, PU+PEEK composite diaphragm, 6mm dynamic driver, soft ear plug and in the back rubber back cavity!

The driver you get with BW-ES2 earphones will give you a powerful bass, crisp mid-high frequency and life like vocal reproduction. Dual drivers will improve medium and high frequency and give you a wider resolution.

These are not earphones that goes behind your ear like I have showed you with other variants. But they come with 3 sizes of ear-buds. The wire is a high performance TPE variant with material that is rugged, flexible and tangle resistant.

The basic controls that you get on the wire are: Volume+, Volume-, Call control (Answer press once, reject long press, hang up press once) and Music control (Play/Pause press once, Next Song press twice, Previous Song press three times).

Included in the package you get a BlitzWolf case, BW-ES2 Earphones, User manual, Ear-buds, Cable organizer and warranty card. They also look very fashionable and stylish and sleek in design.

The deeper audio specs are: Microphone, 108 ± 3dB sensitivity, 16Ω impedance and 20Hz-40kHz frequency response. I am pretty sure most people will be satisfied with these earphones. I am using Pioneer earphones as we speak and I’m very satisfied with them. Do you like the design on these?

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