SJCAM Stunning SJ7 STAR Action Camera!

SJCAM brand has released a new camera for recording cool footage with. It comes in three trendy colours and is cheaper than GoPro cameras. It’s called SJ7 STAR!

The specs here are: 4K WiFi Action Camera, Ambarella A12S75 for enhancing omni-directional performance, 12MP 4K resolution, 2 inch touch screen, Gyro anti-shake to stabilize every motion, motion detection support, remote control, micro SD card up to 64GB, 1000mAh rechargable battery and an app called “SJCAM Zone” available both in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

You also get some other very interesting features on SJ7 STAR like you can use it under water. 30 meters even so you can go scuba diving with it. You can use it as a dashcam. The three colours it comes with are Black, Rose Gold and Silver.

The system-on-chip you get here uses advanced image sensor pipeline and an H.264 encoder and an ARM Cortex CPU with powerful analytics. 30fps at 4K recording quality. 360 (VR) and 28-nm process technology. Perfect for streaming over WiFi.

The touch screen will be great because that means you don’t have to push buttons all day long. Various modes you have are Photo/Video/Delay Capture, Video Lapse, Burst Mode and more!

The housing material is aluminium that is lightweight, matte finish, machined edges and makes it look elegant in appearance. There is also a SJCAM Selfie Stick available you can mount the camera on. A great addon!

There are also other great addons for SJ7 STAR like SJCAM Mic and SJ Remote you can purchase if you want better sound at a festival or need a remote you can mount to a watchband or a selfiestick.

The gyro built in is with anti-shake and will make your footage more stable when you are recording fast movement. But it’s only working in 1080 at 60fps or 30fps. Not in 4K mode.

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