The Importance of Present Energy For Success In Life!

One of my favourite things to analyse in life is what makes people happy. And based on my research it all comes down to present energy. You can think of the universe as made up by all these various energy sources. Some Negative and some Good. You want more of the good energy that moves you up in the world. The negative will pull you down. So how do you get more of this good energy?

The first thing you have to realise is how society operates on a deep unconscious zombie state. Most people at least 97% walk around their whole day without being present. And becoming present is one way of becoming conscious. So if you even manage to be present for 10 minutes more extra per day you are already ahead of most people. Present means to live in the moment and not have thoughts or emotions on the past or future.

If you identify yourself with your mind or emotions you become unconscious. You want to step in a mode of just being in the moment. Learn to honor the present moment. You have two illusions here showing up: The past which gives you an identity and the future which promises you some sort of fulfilment. But the only time you have is the current moment. It’s very tempting to want to think about time but it’s almost better if you pretend time doesn’t exist and focus on the only thing you have which is the now moment.

A good practice is just to observe your mind and emotions with presence. When you realise you aren’t present that is when you have become present. Self-observation is amazing! Realise you are not your mind or emotions. Just the observer of them when they come and go. Don’t judge the thoughts or emotions just observe. The mind has a great purpose but for most people it completely take over their whole life. And then you start to believe that you are the mind.

If you want to achieve true change then you have to enter the now. Or else you will most often just see minor changes. But nothing magical in change. You will also be able if you analyse your life closer see that you probably are walking around in circles. This happens when you become unconscious. The good thing with living in the now is how it free’s you from all negative feelings about worries about the future or the past.

I also think it’s truly important to be obsessed about making this into a reality. Being obsessed by having a deep focus at it by tracking it everyday. Something you don’t do everyday shows you aren’t serious about it. And you really need to build a habit of being present everyday in your life. If you are obsessed and track your progress daily then you will build up amazing self-confidence. Most of our confidence issues comes because we have never accomplished anything in our life’s. If you obsess and truly create true habits then you will gain in self-confidence and learn that you can actually finish large stuff and improve.

You don’t fix problems in life with more problems you fix them with an obsession to success. And finding out what truly works. Learn from people that are 10 years ahead of you and have more life experience. Learn from people that are above and better than you. But also look at their personality and consider if that is something you want to become.

Remove the foot from the brake and step on the accelerator regardless of your past. “Play it Safe” is not safe. Bad things will happen no matter what. So you might as well go all in to obsession towards success. We are usually extremely scared of finding out how much we truly are capable of doing. But studying presence and doing it everyday will remove your worries. Most of your work will not be magical. But by doing a lot of valuable work eventually you will bump into stuff and create gold. Especially if you create a habit of doing work everyday no matter what. Work that matters and moves you forward.

Also remember that anything worth doing will be hard. Especially when it comes to building a business or something similar. Anything new you start like a project or something with yourself will be easy in the beginning and you will see great progress. But then a dip comes in where you have to do the real work. Lots of work without any instant reward. This is where most people quit. The good thing here is you want people to quit. Because this produces scarcity and makes your business most valuable.

Now I mainly talk if you build or do something with lots of competition. The dip will keep others from competing with you. But only start something that you know you can get over the dip. Or it will be a waste of time. Most people start things and then they quit. Which is a major waste of time and energy. Stick to things in life or don’t even start them.

Here are some Great Books if you want to study how to live more in the present Moment:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The Upanishads: A Classic of Indian Spirituality by Eknath Easwaran

The Bhagavad Gita

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