Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone X – Specs Comparison!

Today I want to compare the specs on two high-end phones here late 2017. The first one is from Samsung their latest phone in their phablet Note series, the Note 8. The second phone is Apple’s latest high-end flagship premium device the bezel-less iPhone X.

First of all we have the display type both are running with Super AMOLED display’s. Which creates a super vibrant colour experience. Apple in the past have used LCD but finally decided to switch it up. The display is a bit larger on Note 8 6.3 vs. 5.8 on iPhone X. And both have very high pixel density but Note 8 has 63 pixels per inch more.

Not something that will make a difference when you watch the displays but still cool. There is also a chance here that Note 8’s screen will be more durable because it comes with Gorilla Glass 5 while the iPhone only states scratch resistant glass. But because the iPhone display is smaller in size it might make it stronger at the center still.

The Note phone has the cool always on display which is something the iPhone lacks. We can summarise the displays here that there won’t be much difference. On the other hand I think screen burn is higher possibility with the Note phone because that happened with my Galaxy S8.

Both phones have good water resistance IP68 on Note and IP67 on iPhone. Not a big difference between the two. On the other hand the Note phone comes with a Stylus. This will definitely add a unique artistic experience that the iPhone will lack. The iPhone will be around 20 grams lighter.

What’s interesting here also is how Note phone comes with Gorilla Glass 5 on the back as well for protection. But from my experience that one cracked easily from a 3 meter drop. The iPhone doesn’t state any glass protection on the back so it might break as much as iPhone 4 and 4S did.

iPhone X comes with Apple’s latest iOS 11 software which brings some large redesigns from iOS 10. And Note 8 comes with Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Which is not even the latest version of Android now when we have redesigned Android 8.0 Oreo out which is sad. Android users still have to suffer and get slow updates.

iPhone X use their A11 Bionic chipset with hexa-core 2x monsoon and 4x mistral processor setup. And Apple three-core graphics GPU. While Note 8 use same processor as S8 did, Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8895 with octa-core processor. With Mali-G71/Adreno 540 GPU. Based on what we have seen from performance test there we can see the iPhone X crushes Note 8 and can render 4K video at least 4 times faster. Which is super impressive.

A big plus with Note 8 is how it has a card slot so you can expand memory up to 256GB. It also comes with 6GB of RAM which is twice as much as the tiny 3GB you get in iPhone X.

Both phones comes with Dual 12MP rear camera with similar specs. Things like 2x optical zoom and OIS. On the other hand iPhone comes with quad LED and Note 8 just dual LED. Front facing camera on Note 8MP and iPhone 7MP. Again not a massive difference.

A big thing I think here is that you get fingerprint sensor on Note 8 and on iPhone X they removed Touch ID so you can only use Face ID. Of course Samsung also has face recognition in their latest high-end phones that works fast. Both phones also comes with wireless charging. Both also comes with non-removable battery.

Why I think Note 8 is winner is because micro SD card option, Stylus, Bigger screen, More Ram, Always-on Display, USB 3.1 instead of 3.0, Samsung Desktop Experience and Fingerprint Scanner.

Why I think Apple iPhone X is winner: More powerful processor, will be more lag free, better support, will last for at least 5 years, less bezel on front side and better proven app store.

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