KZ Is Coming Out With Their NEW ZS6 Unique Earphones!

A few weeks ago I talked about the KZ brand and their cool ES3 detachable earphones. They also have another detachable variant called ZS6! And I personally think these are more cooler! Let’s take a look at what you get.

These are brand new so pre-order stock will only arrive October 17, 2017. The specs include: 8 drives hybrid technology, 2 dynamic and 2 balanced armature on each side, replaceable wire design and Aluminium alloy material for premium feel.

ZS6 also comes with: Reference level music details, rich sound detail, high frequency malleability, resolving power, strong bass experience, wire options as bluetooth module or silver plated wire for enhanced sound quality, making sound pressure more powerful with three-stage acoustic air export design, three stainless steel screws in each headphone, isolate up to + 26dB and ergonomic design so long wear shouldn’t hurt.

HD microphone built in to cable where you can do things like: Answer, Hang Up, Reject, Pause, Next Song and select Previous Song.

Other sound specs are: 105dB sensitivity, 15 impedance, 7-40000Hz frequency, 3.5mm plug and 0.75mm pin type. These are earphones that goes behind the ear for a great fit. The cable length is 1.2m.

My favourite thing with these are the beautiful design and premium materials. They seem to have taken a lot of work to produce these earphones. And I like how they have a unique design that stands out. It’s also very different than their cheaper ES3 headphones. These are more targeted at people who want a more premium sound experience.

And it’s a good alternative if you don’t want to pay extra for a brand experience. These larger brands like Sennheiser, Klipsch, Sony can usually charge more just because of the brand name. So it doesn’t always give you a better sound. Do you like these ZS6 earphones? I may test them out in the future to see how they feel and sound. I also enjoy how they come in Red, Green and Black so you have some colour options.

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