IPRO WAVE 4.0 II Is A Cheap Android Phone!

Ever wanted to have a cool Android phone but think that most are too expensive? It’s true that most Android phones cost a least 150 euro to get something decent. With this phone you can get quad-core for one third of that price! The phone is called IPRO WAVE 4.0 II.

It’s specs include: 2MP rear camera, Quad-core 1.2GHZ processor, 480p video recording, 800×480 resolution display, Dual SIM card support, 512MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage, Colour display, Black/White/Rose Red/Blue/Gray Colours available, Android 5.1, 2MP Front camera, Micro SD card support up to 32GB, Detachable 1450mAh Battery and CPU from MTK!

Of course you don’t get flagship specs with IPRO WAVE 4.0 II because this is a low-end entry android device. But it’s still cheaper than new 2017 Nokia 3310. And it comes with a full Google Play store.

For me this phone looks a bit like an Xperia X Compact with capacitive touch buttons below the display. It seems to be running a stock version of Android. Other things you get when buying this phone is a charger, USB cable, manual and a silicone case and pre-installed protective film on phone.

This is also an unlocked phone that you can use all over the world. This is probably a good spare phone to buy. IPRO also got some more expensive phones like the IPRO MORE 5.0.

WAVE 4.0 II has gotten very good reviews people seem very satisfied with their purchase. Probably because of the low price. Very few companies even offer an Android device at this price-range.

It’s a phone designed to look modern by mixing two colours one on the front and another on the back. So it looks quite fashionable. But don’t expect amazing photos with just 2MP camera.

One good thing here is how it comes with a 4″ display. This was something we saw back with iPhone 5 and 5S. Very nice compact size something new companies have abandoned. Now everyone wants to create a phone at least 5 inch in display size. Which can be hard to use with one hand.

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One Reply to “IPRO WAVE 4.0 II Is A Cheap Android Phone!”

  1. Don’t buy anything iPRO the company is a joke!
    I plan on contacting trading standards in Hong Kong.
    I say this because you can’t buy the battery for their phones unless you wish to get 50 batteries from the wholesalers, they only last 8 months or so, poor quality cells used.

    Its annoying you know and not right what they do to the consumer its disgusting , a phone is more life long, than the battery.

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