PP GUN Mini is a Cool Gun Gamepad for iOS and Android!

Ever wanted a super cool gamepad for iOS or Android? PP GUN Mini is here! This is a gamepad that looks like a weapon. Perfect for FPS games.

So what are the specs? Mini motion sensor, Can work as selfie stick, Bluetooth 4.0, White colour, Pistol design with pistol rack, Easy to install phone on standard picatinny rail, LG battery cell 2600mAh, Recoil feeling, Change view by turning body, shoot by pulling the trigger and Mapping functions for keys on gamepad.

The size of smartphones it’s compatible with are the ones that are 4-6 inches in size. It’s weight is 220 grams, if you want more game support then you need to jailbreak iPhone or root Android phone. It does look a bit plastic and toy look with the white design. Looks like something from a LEGO movie.

You also get a USB cable with the PP GUN Mini and a manual while purchase. The USB slides in nicely in the front of gamepad. It’s really large so it gives you a wow first look impression. The colour it has are orange, black and white.

And the buttons if comes with are first on left side: Joystick, Power switch, Deformation button, Camera key, 8/N key, 6/M key, Gyroscope lock key, 7/B key and 9/K key (this is trigger button).

On right side you have: 4/H key, 1/U key, 2/I key, 5/J key, EN (Enter) key, Multi-function USB output, F key, R key and 3/O key.

It also comes with a cool case! I have only tried out standard gamepads that looks like a PS4/Xbox One game controller. But seeing this makes me very excited. Do you enjoy this Mini gamepad?

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