H18 is a Super Cool Wireless Keyboard!

If you need a cool keyboard for your PC or other device. Then this is a pretty cool product! Because it has cool mouse functionality built-in. It’s called the H18!

The features include: Control distance over 15m, Notebook touchpad, Flexible, Multi-functional 2.4G air mouse remote control, 400DPI, IR remote control and 300mAh battery.

First thing you will see on H18 is the modern design. And the built in large touchpad on the keyboard. You can also get interactive vibration as touch sense feedback and it’s ergonomically designed.

It can also be used with a Smart TV/TV Box/Computer/Tablet/Laptop, using a tiny wireless USB receiver. You have a mode switch button where you can switch between Keyboard mode and Mouse mode.

The main touch features you can use are: Left mouse button, Mouse moving, Right mouse button, Zoom in/out, Show desktop, Task switch, Enter, Esc and Left/right/up/down! So you can see it’s highly flexible in what it can do.

It’s also an energy saving keyboard in normal mode it draws only 20mA and in Sleep 15uA. I like how they use different shades of black on keyboard. A more glossy look on the side and then a more toned down black shade on the keys, special function keys being displayed in beautiful blue colour.

Some cool features I would like to see in an upcoming successor keyboard would be a built-in RGB keyboard light with the rainbow colour, and software to PC so you can tweak it’s shades.

They seem to go with a plastic back and on side it seems like you have volume up and down buttons. The wireless keyboard has gotten very good reviews as well so people seems to enjoy it very much. I don’t think I will buy this because I already found my favourite keyboard in the world. Apple’s wireless bluetooth keyboard! Do you like the H18?

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