This Mini PC Got Android Installed!

Ever wanted to own a HDMI dongle stick that comes with Android pre-installed? Well this H96 Pro comes with Android 7.1.1 Nougat and works as a TV box!

Some of the specs include: Amlogic S912 Octa-core CPU with 8 cores, ARM Mali-T820 GPU, 16GB internal memory, 2GB of RAM, WiFi 2.4G, HEVC H.265 and Bluetooth 4.1.

H96 Pro  is a super compact little gadget that easily fit inside your hand to bring it with you when going somewhere. 4K video will look like theater-quality with this little gadget. You get a ton of apps to be able to do a ton of stuff. Just like you would do on your android phone!

This really works like a portable mini PC. There are of course more expensive variants like Google Chromecast and Apple TV. But Apple TV is a bit expensive and Google’s chromecast may not be available in your country!

The cool thing with this H96 Pro dongle is you can plug it into a monitor with an HDMI port, or plug into a projector and instantly watch movies on the wall! 60fps 4K will truly look fantastic. Way faster than the older variants they have released.

Also how this device is low cost is amazing. But the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X will cost 20x more! Is that really worth it? To get a phone with glass back? That needs a case to not break!

I will probably in the future check out a ton of these dongles because I am curious to see how they perform. It’s great if you have less money and wanna fast get started in the android world without having to burn away all your money.

High-end phones with Android these days just keeps getting more expensive! So nice to see alternatives coming out.

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