MantisTek’s Portable Keyboard Is Perfect For Lazy People!

Ever wanted to have a super compact portable keyboard easy-to-use with lots of functionality and that you can use in sofa? The keyboard from MantisTek is pretty awesome it’s called MK1!

It’s a wireless mini keyboard some features it has are: QWERTY keyboard, RF 2.4G wireless connection (Up to 10 meter operating distance), Ergonomic design, Auto sleep and wake up function, 100 grams weight, Touchpad mouse, remote control for Android and Windows, Perfect for home theater, IPTV, Internet TV, Google TV, Android TV box, PS3 and Xbox 360 users!

You can see on MK1 photos that the keyboard is in black and white colour, easy to hold with 2 hands and has nice rounded design. Up on the top left side you have the music controls, on top right you can go up/down/left/right and click OK in the middle. In the middle you have the full touchpad with mouse functionality. Also comes with Plug and play no annoying setup you have to do to get it working with your devices.

The hot-keys you get on the top are first on left side Start Menu, Email, Mute and Left Click. And on right side you have Search, Home, Browser and Right Click. It wakes up again after a button is being pressed, this is to save battery life. On the left side of the Touchpad you have the Scroll Bar. On the rear side you have the Power Switch and on the back on each side you have two battery covers. A USB receiver is also mounted on the back side take it out and plug it into your device!

The Full Keyboard on MK1 really has most of your keys you want to have. All the F1 to F10 buttons, 0 to 9 buttons, Esc, Shift, Tab, Caps, Fn, Enter, Back, Space and everything in between you could imagine! The height is only 20mm. Overall I really enjoy the design on this keyboard. I really believe I need to own one!

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