Your iPhone Cables Break A Lot? BlitzWolf Got a Solution!

Every had these horrible cables from smartphones companies that keeps breaking after a few months? Same thing that happens with headphone cables they always break!

BlitzWolf got a new epic solution. Their new BW-MF5 2.4A Lightning to USB Braided Data Cable is way more durable! This cable is 3.33ft/1m, comes with MFI and Magic Tape Strap! It comes with a aluminium alloy shell. And not just braided once! But double-braided in a red colour with nylon material to prevent knotting.

The magic tape straps that comes with the BW-MF5 keeps your cables in order. So what is this cable built up by? First on the outside you have the polyester fiber jacket in red colour, then you get a TPE flexible cover in white, further in you have the anti-jamming aluminium foil and on inside you have your 30AWG data wire core and 22AWG power wire core.

The bend lifespan on this cable is 5,000+! Also comes with a long 18-Month warranty. Everyone is used to the standard either white or black boring cables. This really adds some style to your gear. The data transfer speed is 480MBps and you can charge at the same time!

All the latest iPhone it’s compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone 5, iPod nano 7th generation and iPod Touch 5th generation. There is also a similar cable for Android users that I might take a look on in the future!

Getting a good cable is something we are always lazy to start to invest in. Remember that the branded official cables usually cost like 10x more in price and last only a extremely short time in durability. This cable adds 5x the durability time. Which is amazing for the BW-MF5 user!

This cable does look the best when you rock a black edition iPhone. White iPhone it will probably look the worst with. Gold edition maybe in between. But with black oh wow!

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