The Law of Averages In Life Success!

The law of averages is one of my favourite laws in the entire universe. Of course there are many interesting built in laws that has been proven for thousands of years to work. This is my favourite. What does it mean?

It means that if you do something often enough eventually a pattern will emerge. And you can get detailed statistics on how much you need to do something to get a certain result.

But you need to gather a ton of data first. If you do something 100 times many times you can then from that calculate the success from that. And if you do that action another 100 times you will usually get a similar result. The more data you collect the more accurate stats you will get.

Of course it can differ a lot depending on season and timing and circumstances. But if you take a logical approach here then you will see that if you just keep taking action you will eventually get some kind of result from that. But this means that you cannot stop in the middle. You have to keep going forever. Faith that things will work out!

You also may have a bad run that last a long time. But the law of average tells that if you keep being persistent then eventually you will break through in whatever you do. It’s amazing how action taking actually solves 99% of the issues we have. And people do anything to avoid taking proper action that needs to be taken. People are always looking for some magic pill or magic shortcut.

There is none! Also do remember that you don’t want fast results and fast success. Because that will leave you just as fast. Slow progress is what you want. It is slow but it’s also real. It won’t leave you the next second you look away.

Do not try to beat this law. It’s a law for a reason. Just keep sowing. You will reap what you sow. Sometimes you will put in long hours and you will get 0 results from your work. Remember the law of averages.

Also don’t try to make this big thing that will change everything. It won’t. Keep the steady daily action just. You want to discipline your disappointment. Have low expectations. And trust me if you just keep taking action and sometimes adjust yourself for improvement by feedback you get then success is inevitable. The low expectations is awesome to keep in mind. Because even when you get a normal win you will be really satisfied.

Do not neglect things in your life. Take care of things that you want to keep in your life. Or it will go elsewhere. It’s easy to neglect proper care because there is no mega evolutionary pressure for us to care for things. Our body just want to keep us alive it doesn’t care about our dreams. So we have to put evolutionary pressure on to ourself!

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