Eachine Got Some Cool FPV Goggles With Dual Antennas!

Ever wanted some cool FPV googles to a drone? Eachine got some cool ones that doesn’t cost too much! This model is called the EV100!

Some specs they come with 720×540 resolution, 5.8G, 72CH, Dual Antennas, Fan, 7.4V 1000mAh Battery, Adjustable focal length, IPD, AV in/out, Auto search, Racing mode, Debug mode, Low battery alert, External power bank, FOV is 28 degrees, External HDMI to AV input and External DVR to AV Input.

You probably want to replace the dual antennas in EV100 with some better ones. It’s colours are mainly white and black. It weights 165 grams without the battery. On the top of the goggles you can switch channels. It’s great how they have a built in fan so you always have a nice clear view.

On the bottom side you can focus the lenses in and out which is a great addition on these cheap goggles. If you want then you can also change the straps to something more cool. You can also see what channel you are on when you switch without having to take off the glasses which is a useful feature.

Also the battery you get is not really too great. And it’s very small so there are some other batteries you can get instead. You can charge the battery with USB charging which is kind of cool.

People have been complaining about the reception with the stock antenna, better go and buy some FatShark antenna or TBS TRIUMPH antenna to get better performance. People have also said it’s way better than Box Goggles. Do you think the EV100 are cool?

It’s also nice how they don’t look cheap for the price and it seems to give less eye-strain for people vs. the box goggles. Also doesn’t feature diversity antennas which can be a bad thing. Of course you also need a drone to get a complete setup!

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