Western Digital Got a Massive 1TB SSD!

If you ever have tried SATA SSD drives before then you know the benefits in speed of it over regular HDD. WD’s new 3D NAND packs in 1TB of storage in super fast memory! There is also a 2TB variant available!

Some cool things with this new SSD is how it draws 25% less power than previous generations. Read speeds are up to crazy 560 MB/s and write speeds up to wild 530 MB/s. 1.75M hours mean time to failure (MTTF) and 500 terabytes written! You also get backup software and the ability to see the current status on your drive.

They have also tested this 3D NAND card a lot in WD functional integrity testing lab to verify it’s safe. It has a black colour and no moving parts inside, also comes with a blue and white WD logo. This card will consume less battery in your laptop/PC before a need to charge will come. Which is great because battery is a big problem with modern technology how fast our devices get drained and need a re-charge.

The size is 2.5″ 7mm. So very compact just as any other SSD drive. My own personal experience I have found SSD drives to be very reliable and last for a long time. And with start up speeds of apps and content I find it to be at least twice as fast as a regular hard drive. Will we even get something faster in future than SSD? Probably but it will take some time to get there.

I highly recommend you install your main OS on SSD drive so it can load up the system fast. It will surely make a difference that you will feel. Have you ever owned an SSD? What do you think of the 3D NAND? If so then what is your experience with them? Ever had an SSD crash on you?

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