Apple Unveil New iPhone X!

Apple has finally made the new iPhones for 2017 official. It’s called both iPhone 8 and iPhone X. In this post I will cover the iPhone X.  It has a more bezel-less design. Bigger screen and it now comes with a glass back. Something we seen in Samsung phones for years. But Apple stopped doing that with the iPhone 6.

The specs it comes with are a 5.8″ 2436 x 1125 resolution OLED Super Retina Display, Dust and waster resistant phone, Wireless charging, Facial Recognition. The display bends where the earpiece is at the top so it has a bit unique design. And it doesn’t go 100% to the edges you still have a black border. But there is no longer a home button!

It will come with Apple’s A11 chipset that has a 6 core setup. 2 cores for heavy lifting and 4 cores for more relaxing tasks. And it will surely be able to compete against Snapdragon 835 smartphones on the Android platform!

At the top on the X phone you have different useful things: Infrared camera, Flood illuminator, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Speaker, Microphone, Front camera and Dot projector.

Just because the new iPhone no longer have a home button that means it doesn’t have the TouchID fingerprint sensor no more. But the Face ID should be really safe but I get annoyed by this. Since fingerprint unlock is my favourite method of unlocking my device.


It also comes with an improved dual rear camera that now is turned side ways like a traffic light. Which many won’t enjoy. It will have 2x optical zoom. Apple also come out with something called animoji. Which is animated emojis.

The iPhone X will be super expensive and start at $999 and be coming in both 64GB and 256GB variant. What do you think about this iPhone? I really don’t like how expensive phones are becoming these days. Both Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X are super expensive!

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