Klipsch Got These Cool Wireless Speakers!

Klipsch which I have always loved their in-ear earphones have some pretty cool wireless floorstanding speakers. It’s called the Reference Premiere HD.

You get three speakers with this system. Two RP-440WF Reference Premiere HD Wireless floorstanding speakers in colour black. And then one RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless Center Speaker. You also get the Reference Premiere HD Wireless Control Center.

The connections that you get on the wireless control center hub are: 4x HDMI with 4k Pass-through, 2x Digital Audio (1x Coaxial and 1x Optical), 1x Analog Audio, Wireless bluetooth tech, 5mm IR input, 8 channel WiSA-compliant wireless audio up to 24-bit/96kHz and lossless wireless audio transmission.

The most cool thing with the Reference Premiere HD system is how you no longer need to have annoying cables to build up a home cinema. You can upgrade to a 7.2 surround sound system eventually for a cool home theater experience!

Obviously with this wireless system it offers you to put the speakers anywhere in the room. Without confusing your setup. And it shouldn’t be that much problem using this over WiFi if you have many other devices because it creates it’s on independent dedicated network. You should be up and running within minutes of unboxing.

The design of the speakers in the Reference Premiere HD system are also very much Klipsch in look and beauty. It will really overall be a clean home system. Nobody ever liked to use cables for their setup. It was too confusing and makes your room ugly.

In the future we will have even more smart technology and cables will be removed more and more. We see wireless charging and Smart Tech coming out that is smaller in size and easier to use.

The question that I’m mostly curious about is if we ever will be able to charge devices faster wirelessly. We probably will eventually but it will take some time to get there. These days to do it on a phone can take over 3 hours for a full charge!

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