People Getting Extremely Triggered by The EMOJI Movie!

*Above image is official poster by Sony Picture for the movie. Using image under fair use to provide a proper review with understanding of the movie I’m talking about.*

There is a new movie out and it’s called The EMOJI Movie it’s made by Sony Pictures. Not by Walt Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros or DreamWorks. Sony! And I got very interested in this movie when I saw how triggered people became by this movie. Both by watching the full movie in cinema and the YouTube trailer.

Have a look at these wild stats. The movie trailer uploaded by Sony to YouTube has almost 14 million views and 113 thousand dislikes and only 30 thousand likes! I find that crazy because the movie is giving people quality animations and the storyline is funny. And people use emojis and smilies everyday so why the strong hate? Maybe I will change my mind after I have viewed the full movie.

I have decided to do a challenge! I will watch this movie and then I will come back and review it with my final opinion. Because now I have only seen the trailer. After I have seen the movie I will give my full review to see if it deserves the hate it has gotten!

The Storyline of The Movie:

The movie is about an emoji called Gene that lives inside a teenagers phone and is upset he feels many emotions. He just want to become a normal meh emoji like his parents! He feels like an outside. This is a storyline we have seen in many animations. Like in the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I find the storyline to be new thinking and hilarious. We have already Pixar been creating Toy Story with toys and I don’t see why emojis would be that far off from toys? Another great movie that has been produced that was world class if you ask me was The Lego Movie. With a great fun storyline. It also has an amazing rating almost an 8 out of 10.

What is your opinion about this Emoji movie have you seen it? Or do you feel a strong emotional reaction to it already? If so then why do you feel that way? I would love to know! Because I’m curious how others react to this movie.

Also more crazy stats. Here on IMDB it has a rating 2 out of 10! I have never seen that extremely low rating. And crazy part of all is most rate it either 10 or a 1. People seem to be very black and white with this movie. Either hate it or love it.

When you consider the fact that people use emojis everyday on their phone at least the smartphone tech youths then it doesn’t make sense why people would hate on emojis. Is it just because it feels sad? But many animations have featured sad characters so I don’t understand the major issue here.

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