KZ Brand Release KZ – ES3 Detachable HiFi Earphones!

KZ has unveiled some very cool earphones! The cable goes behind your ear. And the cable is detachable with these ones. This model is called KZ – ES3!

They show have a good bass and provide you with a high-fidelity experience. There is a integrated 10mm dynamic units and 90035 balanced armatures units. It’s good with these that you can replace the cable! I have the same with my BOSE Headphones. If the cable breaks down I can just switch it out to a new one for a low cost.

KZ ES3 also gat a 3.5mm gold-plated L-bend jack. To plug into your phone or computer. There is also a thin iron wire in cord built in. It also features a high definition microphone. You also get some buttons on the cord for quick pause and play music controls, or for switch songs or answer / reject calls and adjust volume!

The frequency response is 20- 40KHz. I really enjoy with these earphones how they are see through. And the blue colour really looks beautiful. They also feature a well made ergonomic design around your ear and looks stylish. The earphones also exist in a dark reddish purple colour. Or the standard aquamarine blue colour.

Right now in my life I am using the Pioneer CH5T! Which cost around 8x more than the KZ – ES3 but they also feel really great. but the cable can tangle a little bit sometimes but the sound is great for the price. Before that I had the Klipsch Image X11i which really is my favourite in-ear headphones but they are so expensive!

My large on-ear headphones I love the most are the BOSE QuietComfort 25. But I understand they are a bit too pricy for the standard consumer. But if you value long term durability then they are a great choice.

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