Philips Got Their First 8K Display Coming 2018!

Philips has a new Display called 328P8K that has 8K resolution! That is 7680×4320! The panel is 31.5″ IPS and has 400 nits of brightness and probably 60 Hz refresh rate. This display will rival Dell’s UltraSharp 32 8K UP3218K monitor they unveiled in January.

These display’s are targeted to professionals that needs monitors with excellent colours. To do professional photo and video work. The display support 100% of AdobeRGB and 100% sRGB. It will have two DP 1.3 cables. Also the final model that will be available in 2018 will come with a webcam, two 3W speakers, USB-A and USB-C port. With the USB-C port you can use docking. The current demo unit doesn’t feature a webcam.

Dell UltraSharp 8K

This monitor also might use same panel as Dell is using in their 8K display. Which is a panel from LG Display. It also might support DCI-P3. For standard consumers this display of course won’t make a lot of sense.

My Samsung display I am using S27D590 27″ looks great and it only costed me €200. This Display will probably cost above €3,500. But of course in the future we will see the price on monitor tech go down. The Dell UltraSharp 8K display has already gone down 22% in price since the beginning of 2017.

But don’t expect any cool games in 8K resolution any soon. Will probably take another 3-4 years for that! And usually professionals want to work with three display’s. 31.5″ with two display’s becomes 63″ surface. With three 27″ monitors you get a 81″ surface which is easier to work with. Let’s say you want three 8K Philips monitors and they cost €3,500 then total cost would be €10,500! Maybe still a bit too pricy for most people. Do you want this Display? I think I stick to my €200 display.

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