Logitech’s New CRAFT Keyboard For Creative Professionals!

Logitech has unveiled a brand new keyboard it’s called CRAFT. It is a wireless black matte feel keyboard with one special feature. it has a round creative input dial in the top left corner. It’s a touch sensitive control so you can feel your way through making a creative change.

Touch, Tap and Turn the dialer in cool apps will make the experience feel more smooth and real. Some of the apps supported with interesting controls are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Global Controls.

For example you can pause and play music in Spotify using touch with the Dialer, also change the volume by turning it. Or change songs by turning it in another way. You can switch apps with the dialer both in Windows and Mac OS.

Things you can do in Photoshop with dialer are zoom in and out, switch brushes. Change the size, hardness, opacity and flow. Quicker undos of mistakes. You can also change brightness, contrast, saturation and blend modes.

In Illustrator you can modify stroke weight, scale, opacity, fill colour and stroke colour, zoom in on details, also do quick undos and edit text.

In Microsoft Word you can change theme, fonts, adjust type and layout. You can also change image sizes and more with the dialer. I have used Apple’s touchpad a lot sometimes instead of a mouse and can promise that when you get used to it using touch then you feel more involved in a creative process.

The keyboard also got smart illumination that lights up the keys when your hands approach. The keys are also designed for effortless precision by being shaped like dimples for easy centered touch. It looks very cool but the price is a bit high. You can pre-order this advanced keyboard with creative input dial for $199.99 on Logitech’s website.

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