You Thought You had a BIG microSD card? Check This Out!

Western Digital has unveiled a new massive microSD card! This card can store 400GB! 2 years ago we saw the shocking 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card. Now Western Digital through their SanDisk brand is doubling that capacity!

This is good news for people who love phones with microSD card option! But do remember that the phone also need to support a high memory card. And it will probably take at least a year before we see phones that will support this capacity. But maybe we will see it being supported in the Samsung Galaxy S9 or LG G7. This 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card also got some other amazing features.

The transfer speeds on this card is up to 100MB/s! It can also load apps faster because it meets the A1 App Performance Class specification! It also comes with a ten-year limited warranty. The price will be massive! $249.99. And will be available on

It is really crazy how fast things are progressing when it comes to storage in tiny cards! I remember when I bought my Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Card. I think It was 4GB and it costed me 2007 around 50 euro! And now they can stuff in 100x more storage in a smaller card! But not for a cheaper price.. But of course the price will go down in the future. It’s amazing to see how fast certain technology is moving forward.

The only tech that I think is moving slow forward is the battery size tech. We want smaller batteries so we can have slimmer phones! We also want batteries that can fully charge a phone in 15 mins! I’m sure it will be here some day. Wireless charging is too slow 2017 to be an exciting feature. We also need to see stronger glass on phones. Especially glass backs!

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