Samsung Galaxy S9 – My Dream Specs!

In the new Samsung Galaxy S9 there are a few things that I would love to see. The first thing is a removable back. This was something that Samsung was famous for having when it’s competitors didn’t have it. It provided an easy way to replace a bad battery. Or replace a cover that got destroyed. I think Samsung removed this option because they probably make more money if they don’t allow a removable back. A removable back doesn’t have to feel cheap. Here is an idea.

Why not make a removable back with a glass material? I have never seen that be done before. If the glass back breaks then they should have an option to get a new one for just €50. In that way you both get premium feeling and something other competitors doesn’t have. If you cannot remove the battery it becomes problematic if the battery get’s faulty. Then your whole €800 phone is damaged and needs to be replaced. Just as we saw with the Note 7 fiasco.

Next thing I want to see is an option to remove all apps you don’t wanna have on the phone. Pre-installed bloatware that makes your phone slower. Some apps you cannot remove in the current phones only “disable”. Which is weird. It’s my phone isn’t it? Then I should be able to decide what kind of apps I want to have on it. Instead of being forced to have certain apps take up space. Apps that I may never use.

I also want to see speakers on the front side. But slim at the top and bottom to provide clear stereo sound. The way the speaker is located on the Samsung Galaxy S8 makes it so sometimes you have your hand where the speaker is. And it blocks the sound. So the current place of speaker is bad. Samsung needs to move it to the front.

Then I want in Galaxy S9 to use software that makes it so all apps, photo and video takes up the full space on screen. Something that was a problem with Galaxy S8. Many apps doesn’t use the full display because of the weird aspect ratio so it can look weird on the sides of the phone. Samsung in S9 need also test their UI to make sure it runs smooth before they launch the device. I want to see a fast boot option as we have seen on HTC devices in the past. Where it can boot up the phone in a few seconds.

There should be software installed that prevents the phone from overheating. There should be a built in fan that kicks in and prevents the device from getting too hot. I want Samsung in S9 to place the fingerprint locator below the camera so it’s easier to reach it. Samsung also needs to remove the Bixby button and let you be able to disable it on the phone if you don’t want it.

I want to see Snapdragon 845 with 4,500mAh battery and Android 8.0 Oreo with 128GB of pre-installed memory and with 8GB of RAM. I want to see an option to be able to use 4 apps at the same time and have it work with all apps. And the display should be edge to edge on the sides not curved. But have an S9 Plus curved model available. Charging full battery I want an option to get it done within 45 minutes. The current Galaxy S8 takes 1,5 hour now for me to fully charge. I also want to see the device get a global launch in February 2018.

Will we see this kind of specs in Galaxy S9? Probably not but maybe in Galaxy S10. As we have been seeing and know about companies they are usually mostly interested in pleasing their investors before consumers. Which means to not produce the best phone but to produce the phone that will sell the most amount of units and make the most amount of money. Apple is doing the same thing.

Which means many features we could have seen years ago but many people don’t care about the best specs. So there is no profit in releasing too much good stuff too early. So phone companies split it out in years. But hopefully now with more China phone competition on the market we could start to see some interesting innovation again from the large companies.

There are many new phone companies which pushes the price down constantly. These days if you order from China or Spain you can get a quality Android phone for just €140. This didn’t exist a couple of years ago. At the same time we are seeing the big phone companies Apple and Samsung constantly push up the price on their flagship devices. Both OLED iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be priced at $1,000. Which is a price increase from what we have seen earlier years.

It looks like we are getting a new segment of phones. First Low-end: €150, Mid-end: €350, High-End: €600, Super Duper Premium for people with money: €950.

Of course this will frustrate many users who will feel they have an outdated device just because there is a new device available. Many people buy their phone on contract so they are locked in for 2 years. If you want to stay ahead in the phone race then I suggest you just by your phones unlocked so you then can sell it fast if you want a never variant.

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