iOS 11 New Developer Beta 8 – What’s New?

So Apple has released a brand new Beta of their operating system. It’s Beta 8. Here are the new changes in the new iOS beta: Tweaked Ads in the new App Store, Improved search function inside the App Store, 3D touch function delay has been further reduced, unlock animation and volume adjustment animation are now a bit faster.

There are also a list of issues and bugs developer beta 8 has. Inside of an PDF document. You can only install this new beta if you have a Apple Developer account. After that you can go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. I will probably install this new iOS beta on my iPhone 7 Plus.

iOS 11 for everyone will probably be available sometime in September. After the unveil of the new iPhone 8. Which I have talked about in the past. We are expecting to see the new iPhone 8 be unveiled at an event on September 12.

Overall the whole new iOS 11 will feature a ton of new changes. This new beta 8 was just a quick small 50mb update before the big iOS 11 release in 2-3 weeks. iOS 11 beta 7 brought us a ton of new updates. For example: Volume slider now has a yellow “too loud” section in Control Center (Europe Only), Smaller clock on the lock screen, New Apple Music icon in the Now Playing section of Control Center, 30-pin-to-lightning adapter now working, cellular data stats will reset each month.

And some more! iPad multitasking will show previews of the resized window panes, Touch ID will be disabled while entering Emergency mode, New podcasts will no longer get automatically downloaded if you haven’t listened to old ones in a while.

Of course the major changes in iOS 11 include: Revamped Control Center, Updated Design Elements, Drag and Drop, iPad Dock, Siri Improvements, Peer-to-peer Apple Play and Do Not Disturb driving mode!

The text in iOS 11 will also be bolder than text in iOS 10. Many app icons as Calculator and Phone and will look different. The lock screen also has been re-designed. In iOS 10 Control Center was split up in different screens. Now in iOS 11 it will also be on one page and you can customise the toggles you want on screen. As well as using 3D Touch.

I find it to be a little confusing how Notification Center now has been merged with Lock screen. For me that’s just weird and overly complicated. The Siri voice assistant in this new iOS 11 version can also translate english into more languages.

Of course there are ton’s of other new updates in iOS 11. For example a new Files app to find local files. And Drag and Drop features for drag content like images or links to other apps. Be sure to let me know if you want me to test out any specific thing in the new iOS 11!

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Space Colony Live Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Today I want to review another great live wallpaper that will show space colonies on your home screen and lock screen! The app is called Space Colony!

What you will see is large skyscrapers. Looks like a big city like New York. And then you see UFO plane in the air! And you also see small planes. You also in the far distant see the bright sun shining. The camera is moving around in circles so you can see more of the city. Overall a very beautiful live wallpaper!

You can select between 8 different Colony Place’s: Gelidon’s Moon, Clouds on Doa Planet, New Hope Planet, Atlantis Underground, Melanea’s Moon, Naton Planet, Zera Moon and Galidon Planet!

The Moon will show you a large moon in the air! Over the sun. The Clouds on Doa will show you beautiful bright clouds in front of the sun. New Hope looks very futuristic with almost mountains in the background. Underground looks green and like you are in a green cave. You also have an UFO plane above in this one!

Another Moon variant with sharp red sticks in the background. Looks like the devils world! Naton looks like Munich mountains in the far distant. Zera looks a bit like Doomsday has come and Skynet is here! Galidon has UFO ship again and looks like you are on a grey planet!

Next up you have some important colour settings. You can change the aura of the city! These colours are available: Red, Blue, Green and Violet! You can also turn aura off and tweak it’s power. You can also illuminate a colour from the buildings: Red, Orange, Blue, Green and Violet variants!

You also have options to switch between different camera tracks. 7 tracks available. You have a big ship you can enable or disable. Either the Mother Ship Q or HQ USS-71 Atlantis ship. Decide which one you like the most! There is also a random timer you can use if you just want random settings to be decided at a certain time.

There is also an option to disable accelerometer if you don’t want that moving effect. If you want to save battery life then there is also options for that. Overall this is a very futuristic cool live wallpaper that runs great on the Samsung Galaxy S8! Yesterday I checked out another amazing app from the same developer and it’s called Planet Packs. Be sure to check that blog post out if interested in more cool apps! Here is a link again to Space Colony app on Google Play Store!

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Planets Pack 2.0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Live Wallpaper Review!

Today I found a very cool app called Planets Pack! This is an app from Maxelus that has created many other awesome wallpapers as well.

First in the settings you can select between 12 different planets: New Earth, Fimes, Nebanu, Gelidon, Emos Gas Giant, Doa, Maleama, New Hope, Atlantis, Balross, Zea and Cyberon.

New Earth looks like a warm Mars planet with lava fire and white clouds! Fimes planet has the colour of lava orange! And variations of red. Gelidon planet has a lot of white and shades of grey. Emos got red and orange colours mixed with some light pink! Nebanu planet is one of my favorites! It has very beautiful shades of green across the planet and it looks like it has thunderstorms happening at the same time!

Next up we have planet Doa it comes with white, light yellow and light green colour. Not my favorite. Maleama on the other hand looks beautiful! It comes in colour shades of blue and a red/purple mix. Very cool variation! New Hope has again shades of blue but now the other colours are more darker manly looking.

Atlantis planet has a gorgeous mix of Blue and Green! For sure one of my favorites! The different shades used mixes so well. Along with the white clouds. Balross planet is the first with a bit more black coloured planet. But also with almost lava purple and orange. Also very interesting mix. Zea looks like a pessimistic planet it has lot’s of black/grey and white colours. The last planet looks like The Matrix Hacker movie!

Other settings you can tweak is planet rotation speed, lighting the planet and the position of the planet. You can also change the space background between these options: Stars, Fire Clouds, Blue Illumiteted Space, White Clouds Nebula, Green Nebula and Red Dragon Galaxy. Personally I don’t really think these settings is doing major changes. You can also turn off deep space.

Next up you could tweak the Sun type or turn it off. The suns you could use are: Sirius Star, Hydrae Star, Wezen Star, Betelgeza Star and Mintaka Star. Again I don’t think this setting changes much because you usally don’t see the sun that much with this live wallpaper.

Next you can tweak the clouds, small, long or more small clouds. Can also tweak the cloud speed and turn it off.

One interesting setting you can change is the lighting colour. This will tweak the colour around the planets curve. You can select these colours: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Violet and White. This actually creates a noticeable difference. And can be fun to play around with. You can also tweak the power of the light. Or turn off.

If you want planet rings then you could also enable that. They also have a special RANDOM mode where you can at a specific time randomise a bunch of settings like planet/background/sun/clouds type. Which is very cool not many wallpapers got this setting!

Another important setting is you can tweak the camera to be further away! You can also disable the accelerometer sensor. Overall this app is very impressive with all the amount of settings you can tweak! I really find it amazing. I really recommend you to check out this app! It runs well on the Samsung Galaxy S8! Here is a link to the app again!


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New HOMTOM S8 Smartphone! Looks like a Samsung Galaxy S8!

Today I want to talk about another new cool device. It’s called the HOMTOM S8. So in previous blog post I was writing about the Elephone S8. Which also has an “S8” inside of it’s name because it has a similar look. But the Elephone S8 has more edge-to-edge screen so doesn’t really look like an S8. This phone on the other hand do look like an S8 especially on the front side!

It features a 5.7″ display in 18:9 format and with 83% body to screen ratio. The screen is HD+ 720×1440 resolution and 2.5D curved glass. As you probably know the regular Samsung Galaxy S8 also features curved glass on the front. This phone is 7.9mm thin and frame is in metallic material.

Also HOMTOM is hinting at that their back is stronger and more durable than Samsung’s Galaxy S8’s back. By using a high-quality composite plate created by Japan Mitsubishi Electronic. As you maybe know my Galaxy S8’s back glass broke. So will be nice if this one has a more durable back material!

HOMTOM S8 comes in four different colours: Coral Blue, Maple Gold, Arctic Silver and Midnight Black. The processor being used is the MediaTek MT6750T clocked at 1.5GHz with Mali T860 GPU.

In terms of memory it’s packed with a lot. First of all 4GB of RAM, 64GB ROM and option to expand memory with a 128GB memory card. The internal memory is by Samsung.

The front facing camera is 13MP and has beauty effect mode. The rear camera is 16MP Sony + 5MP dual rear camera. Also what’s good with this phone is that it comes with a back fingerprint sensor that is positioned below the camera.

It’s way better location then where Samsung put the fingerprint sensor on the S8. A place that became hard to reach. And Samsung still hasn’t learned the lesson with the Note 8. That features an even harder sensor to reach!

The battery is even larger than what Note 8 will have. A 3400mAh battery inside of this phone with fast charging available. Overall HOMTOM S8 looks very impressive on the specs side. I might actually check it out!

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The NEW Elephone S8 Looks So Beautiful!

We have a new phone now out by Elephone that is called Elephone S8. I checked out their Elephone S7 which was a beautiful and cheaper Samsung Galaxy S7 copycat. So I was really excited when I saw this new phone. This phone has an edge-to-edge display that fully goes up to the top.

It also comes with a Hello X25 Deca core 2.5GHz CPU, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM by Samsung, 21MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, 6.0″ 2K display full front screen (except the bottom of the phone!) and Android 7.1.1 Stock Android. Not the latest version of Android which is now Android 8.0 Oreo but not that bad.

The front display has 92.4% screen-to-body ratio. And it has 3D curved glass which makes it more comfortable to hold in hand! The battery capacity is 4000mAh. Which is good when the new Note 8 will only feature 3200mAh.

The phone also shines in different angles. One bad thing is it’s using a glass back. Something that the new iPhone 8 and new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also is using. This is a bad back phone material because it may break. And then it’s hard to replace. The Elephone S8 is available right now in 2 colours blue and black.

I really like the camera design on the back how it’s not rounded. It has more of a business look. Sort of like the original Galaxy Note or the new Galaxy Note 8. I really wish this phone came with a stylus. It’s sad to have such a big screen but no stylus to use. Here is a quick photo of my Elephone S7!

This Elephone S8 kind of is interesting because the screen goes fully up to the top! Not even the Samsung Galaxy S8’s screen is doing that. And I am sad with my Samsung Galaxy S8 the software performs poorly both in browser and inside gallery. It does seems like Samsung needs to work harder at improving their Samsung Experience software.

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