The Dangers Of The Internet Digital Age!

There are many dangers as we step inside this new digital age. Even though we have access to more information than ever before what could start to happen is a internet filtering system that only feeds us same stuff all the same time instead of expanding our minds. This is something that already goes on with Facebook and YouTube. You don’t see all the latest updates that you want to see. The algorithm on these services decides what it thinks is best for you. The robot controls what you see. This is in a way very scary.

Because what happens is you can get a distorted view of reality. Always remember when you are on the internet that the people that for example comments on a post they are not the average person watching that content usually. The major majority is silent and do just consume. But we don’t many times think about these people. We mostly just think about the commenters as the ones who care about our work. But many times you have many that care but you will never know who they are because they usually never see a need to post a comment.

The whole idea in the beginning with the internet was that it would expand our minds. But what mostly seem to happen is that people stick to their groups and do not want to go beyond it. So you are having humans creating villages online. So internet can actually make many people more close-minded. This global access to all humans on earth is very new and strange. Humans don’t really know how they should use it.

We are living in big times of change. Which will confuse a lot of people when we go forward in the digital age. Most 40 year olds their life is in real world. Most 20 year olds their whole life is online. So you have two different worlds that is being created. Deep changes like this will register a lot of fear in people who do not like change. But remember that change is the only constant in the universe. Life is always shifting and moving around.

Many people shut down their potential these days out of fear. The internet is like this magical thing that could show you anything you want. You could either find amazing stuff on it or horrible. It’s up to you to learn to master this internet thing. There is more potential out there than ever before. People you can connect with that will create limitless opportunities. But it’s up to you to take action and start moving in that direction.

There is a lot of dangers with this time as well. Because a lot of distractions that exists on the internet. Everyone is fighting for your attention. One click online usually result in minutes or hours of your life just being swallowed up. The key for you is to learn to master Focus and Discipline. That’s how you can win in this Age of Distraction era that we live in. Every single extra second you can put on Focus will help you so much.

Also remember whenever you start to do something new the start is always the hard part. Once you are in flow it’s easy. It doesn’t require that much extra energy while you are already doing something. It’s usually called MOMENTUM. This is something you can take advantage of in work. Once you are in the flow of work get 5 things done fast instead of taking a break between each thing that you finish. Because every time you take a break you create a big block that can result in minutes or hours being wasted on nonsense.

Something that I have done on my phone is to disable all the notifications. It’s just a distraction. Another thing I have is to rarely use social media. Most of it is as well a distraction. We also live in the age of sharing other peoples content. So few people create their own original content these days! It’s a disaster. Especially when you consider you have the best tool in the whole world for creating unique original content. I am talking of course about your brain.

The limitless ideas you can create with your brain is just madness. It’s like it’s expanding like the universe the more knowledge and action you feed it. For every stone that you flip over you find three more stones below it! You just have to keep feeding your brain with new stimulation and take action. As long as you keep doing that you can keep creating anything.

We usually get into this block in our life when we take little action and get poor result because of it. So it creates a negative downward spiral. Most of these problems can be solved with the 10X rule. Take 10X as much action as everyone else. And you will surely see better results! And the better results you get the more you see it works and it creates an upward spiral o awesomeness in your life!

You see the thing that you are scared of is just getting into a habit of doing something regularly. Once you are in it you are really fine. Life is good. I have seen it takes 66 days to form a new habit. You have to re-wire your brain. And it doesn’t happen fast. Also don’t try to create multiple strong habits at the same time. Because that will usually make it so you won’t stick to anything eventually. Be modest and humble. And realise that the journey is what is the fun part. The destination is just there to give you a direction. But it’s the process that you will start to love. The process is your life.

The internet these days can become an even larger distraction than in the past because these days everyone is addicted to their phone. And phones are always closer to you than computers because most usually carries their phone in their hand or pocket. So it’s a potential constant distraction that you carry with you all the time. So turn off the notifications is a great idea.

Other things I highly recommend is to not consume without production. So this is a good rule. It’s perfectly fine to consume! But only consume after you have created something of value. Or else you will become a value leech. And nobody likes a person like that. Remember that generating value is not that hard. After some time your need to consume will go down. You will realise that it mostly just was a distraction away from your most important task in your life.

We humans have a great fear about realising how super limitless we actually are. We are afraid of what or social group or family might think. But I believe that if you feel a fire deep inside of you to do something then you are suppose to follow that path with heart! Because following your heart if you ask me must be the only true way forward.

But just consider this for a second. If you do become limitless and maybe your friends or family might think you are weird just imagine the amount of good you can do in the world. The amount of peoples life’s that you can touch. You can touch millions or even billions of peoples life’s by being 100% your fullest potential. You can actually make a massive difference in the world. I believe we need more people like this in the world. More amazing and unique people. Less vanity and more creativity. Less sheeps and more originals.

Also remember with the internet you can try stuff out with little risk of losing something. Many times you don’t even have to show your face. But can operate in a safer way. And fully express yourself. Back in the days you had to invest more energy and effort in the physical world to get stuff done. Now with the internet things have gotten way easier and there is potential for you to exploit it. To become a master in your field. If you can see pass all the vanity and see what truly matters. Knowledge and Truth.

When you observe the world and paying more attention to what is going on around you then you will see the most amazing things. Then you will truly see how amazing this new technology we have is. But you have to wake up first. And realise it. You can’t walk around sleepwalking the rest of your life. Will it be scary to wake up? Yes. But think about the rewards. Most people are stuck in distraction and sensory pleasure. This is causing them to walk around mostly in a zombie state derping. Instead of living their true potential and dreams. It’s a weird realisation when you discover you can have anything you want in the world. If you are willing to work for it.

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