Last Day on Earth: Survival Samsung Galaxy S8 Game Review!

This is a new game where you are suppose to kill walking dead zombies. In an MMORPG game! It’s currently in Beta v.1.5.6 when I am testing this out. It’s called Last Day on Earth!

At the start you can select between 6 different servers. You start off as a male in the center of a playing field.

On top left you can see your health, top right you can see your map and settings. Bottom left you have your navigate around button in the 4 directions. You also under the map have a button you can tap on to see Buildings and Furniture you can build out on map. Sort of like The Sims games.

Bottom right you have a punch button and a take up things button. You also got a crouch down button. You also have a button to see the full status on your current player. Both your inventory in pockets and in your backpack. Also the amount of Z coins you have. You start off with 25.

You also have a button for blueprints. Here you can build various items. Reminds me about Minecraft’s Craft feature. First things you can create in here is a Hatchet, Pickaxe or a Spear. For every blueprint you can build you need materials. To build the hatchet you need 3 pine logs and 3 limestone.

You also have a in-app purchase button where you can buy more coins, transport items, equipment, supply and boosts. You can also chat with other players in the bottom center of the screen but first you need to build a Radio Tower. You also have an auto button where it seems the player will automatic start walking and doing stuff on his own.

When you get close to various items you can pick them up in your hand. You also have a limited area you can walk in and a day and night feature. You can see roaming zombies on your map they are in red colour and have 40 in health. You can also see your level at the bottom of the screen.

The game is pretty creative you can for example find an old pick up truck and find 4 items in it. Items like scrap metal, rope, thick jacket and cleaver. Your player also needs to eat so sometimes he will become thirsty. Then you can use berry that is available for pickup. When you pick up various items you can start to put them on your player.

The game is pretty cool when you die you can see your old dead player and pick up his items. The game doesn’t feel too spammy or annoying. But it feels engaging and fun once you get into it. There are a lot of materials and items you need to find to build various items.

Once you build various things like a garden bed you can go into settings of it and either add workers or have a look at various recipes you can create. You place the material and get a result. I do not like how long time it takes to craft simple things. Like it says 1 hour to craft carrots. That is sillyness. Tools can also break down if you use them a lot. And I feel the game is a bit too hard in the beginning. Even finding water is a hard thing. Food a little easier but it doesn’t solve the water issue. Your player dies if it runs out of food/water.

You can also evolve certain foods with recipes. Steak to Juicy Steak, Berries to Berry Tea, Carrot Stew and so on. You can actually leave your location I noticed. To go into a bigger world if you walk out into the green area. You can also be killed by other players in the game.

This game has a long learning curve and it’s hard already from the beginning. It also takes energy to run to various places so it might be a bad game if you don’t like in-app purchase. Because it feels like that will stop you a lot. What do you think about this game? Here is a link one more time to Last Day on Earth!

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  1. Times like this are when I wish I had some sort of Android Device. But I don’t know if I can switch away from Apple simply because I use so many other Apple Devices

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