iOS 11 New Developer Beta 8 – What’s New?

So Apple has released a brand new Beta of their operating system. It’s Beta 8. Here are the new changes in the new iOS beta: Tweaked Ads in the new App Store, Improved search function inside the App Store, 3D touch function delay has been further reduced, unlock animation and volume adjustment animation are now a bit faster.

There are also a list of issues and bugs developer beta 8 has. Inside of an PDF document. You can only install this new beta if you have a Apple Developer account. After that you can go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. I will probably install this new iOS beta on my iPhone 7 Plus.

iOS 11 for everyone will probably be available sometime in September. After the unveil of the new iPhone 8. Which I have talked about in the past. We are expecting to see the new iPhone 8 be unveiled at an event on September 12.

Overall the whole new iOS 11 will feature a ton of new changes. This new beta 8 was just a quick small 50mb update before the big iOS 11 release in 2-3 weeks. iOS 11 beta 7 brought us a ton of new updates. For example: Volume slider now has a yellow “too loud” section in Control Center (Europe Only), Smaller clock on the lock screen, New Apple Music icon in the Now Playing section of Control Center, 30-pin-to-lightning adapter now working, cellular data stats will reset each month.

And some more! iPad multitasking will show previews of the resized window panes, Touch ID will be disabled while entering Emergency mode, New podcasts will no longer get automatically downloaded if you haven’t listened to old ones in a while.

Of course the major changes in iOS 11 include: Revamped Control Center, Updated Design Elements, Drag and Drop, iPad Dock, Siri Improvements, Peer-to-peer Apple Play and Do Not Disturb driving mode!

The text in iOS 11 will also be bolder than text in iOS 10. Many app icons as Calculator and Phone and will look different. The lock screen also has been re-designed. In iOS 10 Control Center was split up in different screens. Now in iOS 11 it will also be on one page and you can customise the toggles you want on screen. As well as using 3D Touch.

I find it to be a little confusing how Notification Center now has been merged with Lock screen. For me that’s just weird and overly complicated. The Siri voice assistant in this new iOS 11 version can also translate english into more languages.

Of course there are ton’s of other new updates in iOS 11. For example a new Files app to find local files. And Drag and Drop features for drag content like images or links to other apps. Be sure to let me know if you want me to test out any specific thing in the new iOS 11!

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