Planets Pack 2.0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Live Wallpaper Review!

Today I found a very cool app called Planets Pack! This is an app from Maxelus that has created many other awesome wallpapers as well.

First in the settings you can select between 12 different planets: New Earth, Fimes, Nebanu, Gelidon, Emos Gas Giant, Doa, Maleama, New Hope, Atlantis, Balross, Zea and Cyberon.

New Earth looks like a warm Mars planet with lava fire and white clouds! Fimes planet has the colour of lava orange! And variations of red. Gelidon planet has a lot of white and shades of grey. Emos got red and orange colours mixed with some light pink! Nebanu planet is one of my favorites! It has very beautiful shades of green across the planet and it looks like it has thunderstorms happening at the same time!

Next up we have planet Doa it comes with white, light yellow and light green colour. Not my favorite. Maleama on the other hand looks beautiful! It comes in colour shades of blue and a red/purple mix. Very cool variation! New Hope has again shades of blue but now the other colours are more darker manly looking.

Atlantis planet has a gorgeous mix of Blue and Green! For sure one of my favorites! The different shades used mixes so well. Along with the white clouds. Balross planet is the first with a bit more black coloured planet. But also with almost lava purple and orange. Also very interesting mix. Zea looks like a pessimistic planet it has lot’s of black/grey and white colours. The last planet looks like The Matrix Hacker movie!

Other settings you can tweak is planet rotation speed, lighting the planet and the position of the planet. You can also change the space background between these options: Stars, Fire Clouds, Blue Illumiteted Space, White Clouds Nebula, Green Nebula and Red Dragon Galaxy. Personally I don’t really think these settings is doing major changes. You can also turn off deep space.

Next up you could tweak the Sun type or turn it off. The suns you could use are: Sirius Star, Hydrae Star, Wezen Star, Betelgeza Star and Mintaka Star. Again I don’t think this setting changes much because you usally don’t see the sun that much with this live wallpaper.

Next you can tweak the clouds, small, long or more small clouds. Can also tweak the cloud speed and turn it off.

One interesting setting you can change is the lighting colour. This will tweak the colour around the planets curve. You can select these colours: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Violet and White. This actually creates a noticeable difference. And can be fun to play around with. You can also tweak the power of the light. Or turn off.

If you want planet rings then you could also enable that. They also have a special RANDOM mode where you can at a specific time randomise a bunch of settings like planet/background/sun/clouds type. Which is very cool not many wallpapers got this setting!

Another important setting is you can tweak the camera to be further away! You can also disable the accelerometer sensor. Overall this app is very impressive with all the amount of settings you can tweak! I really find it amazing. I really recommend you to check out this app! It runs well on the Samsung Galaxy S8! Here is a link to the app again!


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