Sony Ericsson K800i Photo Samples!

Today I want to take a look at the quality a 11 year old phone can take. You can play cool games with this device like Micro Counter Strike 1.4!

I will also include a video sample. These are photos from my Sony Ericsson K800i phone! The interesting part about this is how I feel the quality is amazing for an old 2006 phone. This was before iPhone era. The first iPhone Steve Jobs introduced in 2007.

Before that it was Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson that dominated the phone market. This phone has a 3.2 Mega Pixels camera with auto-focus. Something many Android phones didn’t even have in 2010.

Other specs include 64MB internal memory, 2.0 QVGA 240×320 display and 115g weight. It also has a little mirror on the back side so you can see yourself when you are taking a selfie photo with rear camera. The flash is Xenon flash. The BestPic mode takes 9 quality photos and allows you to select the best.

The phone also has a media player with support of 16GB Memory Stick Micro slot. This phone is also using ATI’s Imageon 2192 graphics. So 3D gaming is available with Java games.

The phone is very thick compared to today’s standard but still very beautiful and unique in it’s design. Here are photos taken from it. The first photos are taken without the flash. The last ones are with flash turned on.

I also did a quick video that was in 3GP quality and less than 1MB in size. Now clearly this was before video was important. YouTube started in 2005 just one year before this phone got released. So video wasn’t that important back in the days.

So what do you think about the K800i phone? I mean clearly it can have better quality on the photos but when you consider the price it’s not that bad. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will probably cost around 900 euro which will be around 25x as expensive as this little device! Hopefully you enjoyed these photos. Let me know if you want to see any other camera samples. I have many phones! I also took a photo of the phone’s beautiful back!

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