Quality In-ear Headphones I Found!

So I have always been very picky with my in-ear headphones purchase. I cannot stand most of them because they usually have a very bad fit in your ears. I couldn’t stand the ones below €100.

So I started to go with Klipsch Image X10 for a few years. They had the most amazing in-ear design I ever seen. And still are the best fit I love the most. But the problem is the cable on these headphones always break! After a few months! If you have an insurance you can probably get it replaced with ease. But it’s still super annoying for the high price you pay.

I had the Klipsch Image x11i last year and they are super expensive but loved them even more. Until they got stolen. I used a pair of cheap Sony headphones for some time and they are actually kinda decent for the free offer. Because they can come when you buy a Sony phone.

But eventually I wanted something better. So I started to do my research online and discovered a pair of Pioneer CH5T and wow! This are my new favourites now. They really fit amazing and I love how they are so much cheaper than the Klipsch but still feels amazing in-ear.

They have this design where the cable wrap behind your ear. The first seconds it felt weird but now when I’m used to it I really love it. And the cable is great too. Because it usually doesn’t tangle up.

When it comes to my on-ear headphones I love the most then it’s BOSE QuietComfort 25. They really are the best when it comes to larger headphones.

Yes I have used Sennheiser headphones a lot but the cable always seems to break faster with Sennheiser. But it’s a nice brand to walk around with. My BOSE after 1 year of usage I need to get a new cable because it broke. But seems like new cables exists on Ebay! I used these Sennheiser GAME ONE for some time for gaming and they are really perfect for that

I really am sad that both Apple and Samsung gives you bad headphones! Because I think they should give you a quality headphones when you buy an expensive phone. Thanks for reading!

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