New HOMTOM S8 Smartphone! Looks like a Samsung Galaxy S8!

Today I want to talk about another new cool device. It’s called the HOMTOM S8. So in previous blog post I was writing about the Elephone S8. Which also has an “S8” inside of it’s name because it has a similar look. But the Elephone S8 has more edge-to-edge screen so doesn’t really look like an S8. This phone on the other hand do look like an S8 especially on the front side!

It features a 5.7″ display in 18:9 format and with 83% body to screen ratio. The screen is HD+ 720×1440 resolution and 2.5D curved glass. As you probably know the regular Samsung Galaxy S8 also features curved glass on the front. This phone is 7.9mm thin and frame is in metallic material.

Also HOMTOM is hinting at that their back is stronger and more durable than Samsung’s Galaxy S8’s back. By using a high-quality composite plate created by Japan Mitsubishi Electronic. As you maybe know my Galaxy S8’s back glass broke. So will be nice if this one has a more durable back material!

HOMTOM S8 comes in four different colours: Coral Blue, Maple Gold, Arctic Silver and Midnight Black. The processor being used is the MediaTek MT6750T clocked at 1.5GHz with Mali T860 GPU.

In terms of memory it’s packed with a lot. First of all 4GB of RAM, 64GB ROM and option to expand memory with a 128GB memory card. The internal memory is by Samsung.

The front facing camera is 13MP and has beauty effect mode. The rear camera is 16MP Sony + 5MP dual rear camera. Also what’s good with this phone is that it comes with a back fingerprint sensor that is positioned below the camera.

It’s way better location then where Samsung put the fingerprint sensor on the S8. A place that became hard to reach. And Samsung still hasn’t learned the lesson with the Note 8. That features an even harder sensor to reach!

The battery is even larger than what Note 8 will have. A 3400mAh battery inside of this phone with fast charging available. Overall HOMTOM S8 looks very impressive on the specs side. I might actually check it out!

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  1. When I first saw Jesy j9s phone, it’s really huge, bigger than all normal phones I have ever used.
    Also, there is a super-fast fingerprint sensor as well as an IR blaster on top and NFC sensor under the back. i like this phone.

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