Cat Lick Screen Live Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

There are very cool live wallpapers you can get on Android phones these days. Simple by downloading a live wallpaper from the Google Play Store. One of them is called Cat Lick Screen Live Wallpaper. It has a cute cat in brown and white colour licking your screen.

In the settings of the app you can tweak the speed of the cat in frames per second. You can also include sound if you want. It’s not sound from the cat but more like background music. You can also decide if you want the cat to be scrolling on screen while you swipe your home screens or not. In video source you can also go in and select your own video as a live wallpaper! Or just reset it to cat lick again.

You also have double tap to open up settings. For some reason I feel you need to tap 3 times to make it open up. You can also disable notifications from the app if you want. I like how this app works on the lock screen. I have found no slow downs or performance issues when I run this app on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Good overall performance and I don’t find the battery to be drained that much faster.

It can take a second or two sometimes to load up the live wallpaper if you turn on the screen. Then it will be black for a second but it’s not a major issue. If you like this live wallpaper then maybe you will like this other article I did about a live wallpaper where you have a mouse that is walking on screen!

All these live wallpapers reminds me about Windows 7 that allowed you also to have a live wallpaper. But in new Windows 10 it feels like people stopped using that. Let me know if you have any other cool app or wallpaper you want me to write or do a video about! Here is a link again to this Cat app!

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