Triple A Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Today I want to review a new cool entertaining app. It’s called Triple A and is available in the Google Play Store. The app is being described as being a highly complex, kinetic and interactive visualizer. How you use the app is you open it up and inside you will see a bunch of particles on the screen. Touch and interact with the particles and start see amazing things. You can create amazing curves and effects just using your fingers. Makes you feel like an artist.

This app has 3 different art mode’s you can use: Art Wave, Art Particle, Art Gravity. You can also go in and select the number of particle’s, the size and the length. There is an option to disable the music. Each art mode has 5 different unique effects. So a total of 15 cool art effects.

This app is promising a lot when it comes to various effects and colors you will see: Fireworks, Tornado, Nuke, Atom, Nuclear bomb, Volt Lightning, Midnight falling star, Black hole, Dark meter, Tsunami, Gravity, Halo, Earthquake, Gun fire, Ice, Space, Universe, Aurora, Fluid, Alien, Laser, Fish, Fly, Blue Sky, Wave, Surfing, Jupiter, Moon, Earth, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Comet, Pluto, Saturn and more.

Screenshot from the App on Samsung Galaxy S8!

My favourite mode is the art wave because it follows your finger so amazingly, very relaxing music and very creative colours showing up. I would say this is a good app when you wanna calm down and look at something beautiful that you create in the moment with just your fingers. Some improvements in the app would be to be able to create even more patterns and special effects. There should be an option for more effects for example if you hold in 2 fingers or more on the screen. I also would like to see the option to complete different missions. And be able to save your effects in little movies.

This app runs nicely on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and has no problems. When you let go your finger from the screen the particles explode in a bang effect. I wish you could select some other various effects there than just an explosion effect. I think this app will be good for artists that want to find some quick inspiration. The various lines and effects has such an amazing harmony that after you been using this app you just wanna go and create something beautiful out in the real world. Here is the app again on Play Store.

Thanks for reading! Do you know any other cool app you want me to check out? Be sure to let me know about it.

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