New Android 8.0 Oreo is Official!

Google has unveiled the next generation of Android and it’s called Android 8.0 Oreo. The notification panel get’s an update in Android Oreo. Just as we have seen in the developer previews google has been released on Android 8.0. Also we will get a brand new set of Emojis. Over 60 new emojis. Also background apps that has been draining a lot of battery in previous Android versions Google is said to have been fixed a lot of those issues with this new Android version with more speed performance.

If you want to download the new Android 8.0 Oreo now then you need to have a Nexus phone and then go to this page. There you can go and download the latest Factory images. But it will take a longer time before Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6 will get updated from Android 7.0.

Google has a new security system in this update of Android and it’s called Google Play Protect. A malware protection system. Boot speed should be 2x faster. Google has also worked hard at implementing autofill in various apps like twitter to quickly be able to login to various apps with ease.

There is also a new Picture-in-Picture mode with Android 8.0 that allows you to use 2 apps at the same time. This is something we have been seeing Samsung been playing around with for a long time. There is also a new feature called notification dots. That gives you dots on app icons you can tap on to quickly see what’s new. With fewer taps. Another feature is called Android Instant Apps. You should be able to directly be able to teleport into new apps from your browser without any installation.

New Emojis!

There is a lot of talk by Google that battery life should be great with Android 8.0. I surely hope that will turn out to be true. Other cool features are: Accessibility Button, Accessibility Volume, Adaptive Icons, Ambient Screen, Background Execution Limit, Background Location Limits, Deep Color, Downloadable Fonts, Install Unknown Apps, Integrated Printing Support, Linkable Files, Native C/C++ API for high-performance audio, Notification Categories, Notification Snoozing, Pointer Capture, Project Treble, TextView autosizing, Tooltips & Wi-Fi assistant.

This new version is already available from Android Open Source Project for various Nexus devices. I find project treble to be the most interesting update.

It will try to make so we will see faster updates of Android on other devices. So for example Samsung and Sony can roll out latest version of Android faster on their devices. Because with Android you have the tricky thing how companies have their own custom skin on top of Android so when a new Android version gets released they have to implement their UI so it matches the new UI.

Wireless listening should be better with this Android version because it will have better bluetooth support. Especially for the codec LDAC, Sony is also helping Google in developing better LDAC which can transfer data up to 990kbps over bluetooth. By using machine learning copying and pasting should also become easier. By trying to detect what it is you are trying to do. You will also be able to long press on an app to select a widget that is available from that app. Instead of having to go through tons of random widgets.

I think I will install the AOSP version on my Nexus 6P to see how it performs! So stay tuned for that and let me know what feature you are looking forward to the most in this new Android Update. I have really enjoyed the new Android Beta in AOSP especially the notification area. So will be exciting to check out this release to see what improvement they have been doing.

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  1. Nice i love ur videos and this page but i have HTC one m8 at&t and i cant update it and im Stuck at android 4.4.2 if u have any advice for me please respond to me and tell me how to fix it. Thanks

  2. Is your speed test limited to boot up speed only? I’d love to see some general multitasking of most popular apps (FB, maps, youtube, etc). I’m currently using PureNexus 7.1.2 and I absolutely love it. However, I’m considering to try out stock 8.0 before PureNexus comes up with their rom. I’m not a pro user and I’m not quite sure how to do this, as far as I know my kernel has been updated during the installation of of PureNexus, do you have a tutorial I can follow?

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