MONZO Samsung Galaxy S8 App Review! Building Tanks and Space Station Models!

Today I want to check out an extremely cool game in the Google Play Store it’s called MONZO. It basically allows you to build various digital model kits! You can also paint them, put stickers on them, take a photo and share your models you have built. This is an app that is created in Unity.

The game starts off with a tutorial first you tap on a sports car model kit box to open it. Then when you open it you see all the parts and you tap inside to start assembly. After that you open the manual by dragging it out in the center and follow the step-by-step instructions. On the left side of the screen you have your inventory of pieces and you start to drag the first piece from the inventory and drop it into the scene. Everything is working with smooth graphics. You can observe the model you put out on scene by swiping on it. You can pinch to zoom in or out. Two finger swipe will pan the model to left or right. Double tap will reset the camera.

On the left side where your inventory of model pieces are you can swipe up or down to see more. Now you just watch the manual on right side of the screen and select parts and start to build up the model. It’s very interesting to see how the parts come together to create a complete model! You can also see with ease when a piece is matching and should be at a certain place.

After you have completed the model you can paint it or use stickers. Then you can take a photo of your model. Which will be saved in your photo library in the game.

Inside of the main menu of the game you have the Store, My Collection, Tips & Tricks, My photos and Build! You also have the settings button where you can change language, Music, Sound, Invert X/Y Axis or Tweak Sensitivity X/Y. The app has around 40 different models you can build. A bunch of free ones but also many that cost up to 5 euros. But some of them have 70 to 300 pieces so some might be worth it. I like the app and it’s fun to build stuff but I wished they had more models than just 40. Up to 300 at least would be a bit more fun.

And I also wished they had some time limit for extra challenge. Where you should be able to do it as quickly as possible and get between 1 to 5 stars. It feels like it’s a little to easy sometimes to build up a new model. But the graphics and sound is really great. And I like how they have cool models you can build up like a weapon or a tank. Even a helicopter and a dinosaur! It gives you a deeper insight in how an animal or a machine is built up. Or it would be cool if users could generate their own advanced models that others could built up. You also gain experience in the game while you finish a model.

If you have google cardboard then you can also view your built models in them which is an extremely cool feature! You can also tap on highlighted parts to play an animation of them. After you have finished a model you can also quickly disassemble it if you want. The price for some models might seem expensive. But once you start get into it and building it you see the quality put into this app. And you get real enjoyment out of doing something creative. Almost as in real life!

I rather have premium app like this instead of an app with annoying in-ads that just makes you annoyed. Do you know any other cool quality app that you want me to check out? I am currently exploring real quality apps. That is fun to pick up fast and enjoy. Have an awesome day and thanks for reading. Here is the app again in the play store.

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