Mouse on Screen Scary Joke Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Have you ever wanted to have a big mouse walking around on your screen? Probably not! But there is now an app for that to simulate a fat mouse walking around on your screen. It’s called Mouse on Screen Scary Joke!

Inside of settings you can first Hide mouse icon in status bar. You can disable mouse sound. You can also put in a mouse delay. Either show mouse immediately, after 10 seconds, or a custom time. You can also select what edge you want the mouse to walk on. The default is left edge. The last setting you can tweak is mouse size. I wish that the textures they used inside this app was of higher resolution. If you go back to first screen you have a green button up on top you tap to Show Mice. Then he starts walking on your home screen.

I actually think this is a pretty cool app because of how smooth it runs on Samsung Galaxy S8. No slow-downs. But I wish you could make the mouse even smaller. And it would be cool if there was an option inside the app to include many different mouse variants. As well as more than one mouse at the same time. When mouse walks on screen he does walk over the app icons but he does not walk over the on screen keys at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Which makes it look a little weird.


Something that is very nice is if you make the mouse walk on the bottom screen then he doesn’t walk over the on-screen keys. So it looks way more realistic. It would be cool if you could add voice functionality to be able to talk to the mouse and make him stop and tell him to do certain tasks. But I don’t think this is possible to do with Android live wallpapers for the moment. Maybe in the future!

Will you download this app? Or would you like another animal to walk on your home screens? It would be cool if this app also worked on the lock screen. Oh wait it does! How amazing! If you have any future app recommendations then please let me know! I love to check out cool Android Apps.

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