How To Use Your Camera As Live Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy S8

Have you ever wanted to use your camera as a live wallpaper? Well there is now an app for that and it’s called: Transparent Phone. This app will allow you to use either your rear camera or your back camera as a live wallpaper. This worked on my Samsung Galaxy S8 but will also work with other phones. It runs smooth and works also on lock screen. Or you can just use it on the home screens.

You can’t tap to focus because it’s not in photo mode. But maybe you can pretend your phone is transparent. Many people have complained that it’s not truly transparent like it can be hard to fool a person but I think the app does a cool job using your camera as your background. Just be aware that it makes your camera running a lot so it can make your device warm and make your battery last shorter.

This is a great app for people who love to look at themselves just use the front facing camera on the lock screen and you don’t even have to unlock the device to see yourself. All the time!

Some cool app ideas here would be to add fantasy figures appear on the screen while the camera is being used. Kind of like the game Pokemon Go is doing it by showing pokemons using your camera. I’m not sure if this is possible using the Android programming language but it would be pretty cool if it could be done!

Will I be using this app anymore? Probably not. Even though I like cool live wallpapers like the Earth HD, Solar System HD apps I showed a couple of days ago I really do prefer just a normal static wallpaper. What do you prefer? Many people probably use live wallpapers because they get tons of downloads.

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