Talking About The Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

So today I felt like doing a quick video talking a little bit about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Hope you will enjoy. I mainly talk about the problems I feel the Note 8 has. The glass back and the non-removal back! I was one of the first guys to adopt the original Samsung Galaxy Note when it got launched by Samsung at the end of 2011. Samsung Galaxy S8 have had a lot of software problems as glitches and lag. I really hope Note 8 will have all of that fixed!

If you want you can also check out my article where I compare the new iPhone 8’s rumored specs vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Potential Specs. Here is that article!

I am sad that the iPhone 8 won’t have a fingerprint sensor. I use it on all of my new phones. It’s a good safety system that always works. The facial recognition feature the iPhone will use that’s a bit more unreliable. Because it will probably work bad in low light.

But I have to say I am pretty impressed with how good face recognition works on the Samsung Galaxy S8! The S8 both has face recognition and an Iris scanner which just scans your eyes. You can use this for payments and writing in passwords in the Samsung browser.

Stay Awesome.

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