Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe Edition Samsung Galaxy S8 Live Wallpaper Review!

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Today I want to review another live wallpaper app from Mozglabs. It’s called Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe Edition. Previously I have been checking out their Solar System HD wallpaper and Earth HD wallpaper. This one will be more focused on showing galaxies instead of earth or the solar system.

Inside of settings you can first select the shape: Spherical Nebula, Flat Nebula, Evaporating Nebula, Quasar, Hand of God, Spiral Galaxy and Through Nebula.

With the Spherical everything moves around in calm circles. In a vibrant galaxy.

Flat Nebula everything is more flat and focused at the center of the screen.

The Evaporating has an extremely cool effect where everything goes from the center to the sides of the phone. Kind of like an explosion. But in a slower way.

Quasar everything is moving around in circles with a thick galaxy line in the middle.

With the Hand of God you can literally see a hand inside the galaxy. Blue coloured. But I’m sure you can change the colour.

Spiral everything also goes in circles but without the thick galaxy line.

Through Nebula you basically feel like you are travelling forward!

Also what could be good to know that just as with the Solar System HD live wallpaper this app is using your gyroscope to move the galaxy while you hold you phone in the hand. This app runs perfect on my Samsung Galaxy S8! My favourite shape is Hand of God and Through Nebula.

The second option you have available is to go in and change color. You have these options available: Firestorm, Frozen, Golden, Flesh, Oasis, Kissel, Ice and Fire, Bronze, Blue Kissel and Mixed.

Firestorm gives you two colors mixed red and green.

The Frozen looks as it’s name applies, cold! It has purple and blue colour beautifully mixed together.

Golden has yellow and almost a red/brown colour. But looks very gold and yellow overall.

Flesh is a very interesting one it mixes pink/white and a low key green and low key orange colour to create this overall special colour effect.

Oasis colour mixes green and orange.

Kissel is for the pink and purple lovers.

Ice and Fire is one of my favourites it mixes red and blue to create this magical effect.

Bronze is mostly green and a low key yellow colour.

Blue Kissel has a light blue and pink colour effect. Mixed has almost all colors, but little green.

Second tweak you can do is change the state: Calm, Normal and Boiling. Normal and Calm I cant see massive difference between but the boiling for sure speed things up!

Second massive colour change you can do is on the background. So the first effect was mainly on the galaxies. But this one affects the background. These effects are available for the background: Stars, Deep Blue, Blue, Deep Red, Red, Deep Purple, Deep Green, Green and Black.

Stars is easy it just shows stars in the background, tiny ones.

Deep blue is truly deep in colour. Not super strong. The standard blue is way more intense.

Deep red same with that. The standard red is truly red. I love the red colour. Makes the whole phone look zombie possessed.

Deep Purple and Deep Green same here just a very deep low key colour in the background.

Normal green is magical too. Makes the phone look like vibrant grass or like a broccoli/spinach meal you just wanna eat. I wish they had normal pink also. But only deep pink available.

Then you can select the density level. I’m not quite sure what this tweaks does because I can’t see a difference. You can also disable space dust. Which is tiny traveling stars.

You can also go in and change the focus distance and distance, the sensitivity on gyroscope and the movement radius. If you need even more performance then you can go in and limit the FPS. The standard is set to 60 FPS on Galaxy S8. But can be lowered to 5 FPS. 5 FPS looks very laggy. There is no option to select low resolution textures.

Overall this is a very nice app if you like space and want a cool live wallpaper. And there is great chance it will run well even on lower end devices. Because I tried out the same developers Solar System HD app on Samsung Galaxy S2 which is from 2011 and it ran amazing on that phone. So you can get great performance on older devices.

I’m not sure what can be improved with this app it satisfies most of my needs. Especially when it comes to the smooth performance. It would be cool to see something like this on the new iPhone 8 but of course it will be hard because Apple is using a locked down App Store. Only option would be if the new iPhone 8 gets jailbroken fast and unlocks options to use live wallpapers. But then someone needs to create the app as well!

Something I also really like with this app is how it works on the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy S8. This is an option I couldnt use on my S2 with Solar System HD App. It would be cool if it worked on the lock screen on older devices.

Let me know if there is any other cool app you want me to review. I want to review quality apps that provide value to people. And what I have noticed is that apps that cost around €1-5 euro usually the developers is more passionate about their work and works more with integrity. That’s what I have found from all these three live wallpapers. The app developer also have some real Android games that I might check out in the future.

I think people are getting real tired of freemium apps that is spammed with ads. It becomes annoying. People becoming ready to spend a few euros to get a quality experience. And it also makes so the developer gets better paid for their work. Which is amazing!

Here is a link again to this live wallpaper in the Google Play Store.

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