Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! iPhone 7 Plus Game Review!

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In this game Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! you play as potatoes that is producing weapons and selling them. When you sell weapons you gain $tarch. You have something that is called a Shop.

First you have in the upper left corner your shop name, $tarch information (Total Salary Payable per Month), Shop fame, Tickets, Shop Capacity and your shop profile where you can see detailed statistics and progress for how you are doing in the game. As well as a $tarch report!

In the left bottom corner you see all your shop potato workers. On the bottom right corner you have the WhetsApp message app that will tell you latest information from your workers and different notice information.

Top right corner you can see the date and time. And some objective information.

In the top middle menu you can pause the game or speed it up.

In the bottom middle you have all the main menus everything from Settings, Inventory, Weapon Chest, Gnitae Region (Where you can shop for items, expand business, sell weapons, train, explore & go on vacation).

You also have some bottom middle buttons you can’t use at the beginning of the game. But they look like they will display various reports for how you are doing.

And at the center of bottom middle on iPhone display you have the big Forge red globe button! Click this button and it will allow you to forge various weapons: Dagger, Bow, Axe. When the potato smiths you have is done forging a new weapon you can name it.

A weapon also has 4 different categories and this also works in that you have different workshops in your shop in these categories and colors. Design: ATK, Craft: SPD, Polish: ACC, Enchant: MAG.

You go to Noob village to sell your first weapons. First selecting the weapon you wanna sell and then the smith that will do the selling. You sell the weapons to different heroes interested in buying.

It can be a little bit hard on the eyes to read the in-game text playing this on a smaller display. Probably best for desktop or tablet experience.

You will need to buy various items to be able to forge your weapons. For example to create a bow weapon you will need to go buy rope and use your $tarch. And you transport one of your smiths to do stuff for you. Like selling items or buying. When the smith come back you assign a place to them inside your shop.

Your potato smith’s will be having difference in how good they are at certain tasks. Like some are better for design, craft, polish or enchant. Try to assign them to the best workshop. For example Laura is best at design. So should be at the design workshop. At least that’s how I think it’s suppose to work!

It does take some time to get into the game to understand it. For example I noticed how the heroes you sell items to are different categories and levels. Some are archers, thiefs, rangers or fighters. So try to learn and look at the objective to get into the game. The game displays helpful objectives what to do and focus on if confused. 

You can also see the mood of your smiths by popups showing their current feelings. It takes a bit of time to really get into this game and appreciate it. There will be a lot of gathering for new Items. A little bit like Minecraft Pocket Edition. But this game is more in a 3D still overview camera and instead of calling it crafting they call it forging weapons. With the power of your potato smiths.

Sometimes random “Choice of Fate” popup questions shows up. With a trick question and if you answer correct you get rewarded.

You will not just level up heroes but your smiths as well. Seems like you can only forge one weapon at a time. I like how this game makes you think deep kind of feels like a chess game. And it’s graphics feels very creative and original. The game will of course become more cool once you starts to unlock new more various weapons. The game is a bit slow in the beginning. But you do have a speed up option.

Sometimes you get invited to certain awards like the “Golden Hammer Awards”. The most magical weapon, fastest weapon and overall best weapon awards. The environment will change in graphics as the time and date pass by. Which is cool. And Sometimes even a Tsunami will come in! That will cause damage to your weapons you have been forging.

When payday comes up at the end of the month you need to make sure you got enough money to pay your potato smiths.

Eventually you can unlock the ability to explore more places. With using tickets you gain during gameplay. First place you can unlock with 1 ticket is Murky Miso Marshes. You can select a smith to go explore that place. And discover new items, enchantments and relics.

You have this crazy manager in the game who come’s to say he owns 99% of your work and want his profits in $tarch. You have to make sure you pay him and then you also need to manage your finances well. Or else you will not be able to pay your smiths. The guild will help you with some free money if you fail to manage finances but only 3 times. Then your shop will be closed down.

After some time you will unlock options to explore new places. Then you can unlock research blueprints. I unlocked pretty fast the option to forge Main Gauche in my shop. A new sword weapon.

There is a bit too much things going on at the same time in this game. I’m sure you can get into it after a few hours but the game has a long learning curve.

One of the more fun parts is when you are exploring a new place and get a ton of useful items fast like sapphire. That you can use to build new rare weapons. You always need at least 1 smith at the workshop available. You can also send your smiths sometimes on vacation if they seem unhappy!

Overall this is a pretty creative game that get’s more fun after a couple of hours of gaming.

Doesn’t feel to spammy with ads or anything. As long as the standard game fee is paid to install the app. Overall I highly recommend to check it out if you wanna pretend to be a potato and forge weapons!

Here is the link again for iPhone app of this game.

A link for iPad!

There is also an Android variant but it crashed for me after purchase. Looks like many have had similar issue.

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