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Today I want to write a review on a new game called Flippy Knife. It had a high rating in the play store 4.8 so I decided to check it out.

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First it had original retro graphics. Sort of reminded me about the Super Mario games. What you do in the game is you throw a knife around. And try to throw it at coins. Or at targets. You throw the knife by sliding your finger across the screen towards the target which is coins. When you throw the knife it starts to spin around. And here is the tricky part! You need to throw the knife so the sharp side ends up in the wall so the knife sticks to the wall! If you don’t it’s game over!

The game has 4 exciting modes. They are called Climb, TargetCombo Arcade.

Climb: You chase coins up horizontally by throwing up the knife against coins and hit the other wall. 

Target: You aim at a target kinda like a professional bow shooter and try to hit it. For sure one of the hardest!

Combo: You sit on a tree stump and throw the knife up and try to end up again at the tree stump. And try to get as long combo as possible with knife hitting sharp side on tree stump.

Arcade: You are running vertically forward with throwing the knife on various size platforms. Reminds about a Super Mario game.

Again with all throwing modes the sharp side of knife needs to end up first on target/wall. Or else you will fail and it will be game over.

You do have 20 different badges you can unlock. The first one I unlocked was *NICE 10 THROWS. You also have a ton of various knifes you can buy with in-app purchase. One knife is called FANTASY and cost €2.59 euro, some knife’s you can watch ads for to unlock.

The funny part with unlocking a knife by watching an ad is you need to watch 30 second ad 100 times to unlock it! That’s 50 minutes of ads for one unlock of a knife! That’s hilarious haha.

The knife’s has different weights 3 different levels and also per flip how many coins they can capture from 1-3 (At least that’s how I understood it but might be wrong!).

The music in-game is relaxing and they have 4 leaderboards for the different modes. You can also take a screenshot inside the app and if you share the photo you get rewarded 50 coins! You have a best score section up in the left top corner. The thing that makes this game worth it and addictive is how easy it is to start a new game and how fun it is to try to do a perfect throw.

Reminds about Flappy Birds and these games where you flick a ball to try to get it inside a goal behind a goalkeeper. The game doesn’t feel to spammy with ads that shows up from time to time. If you wanna completely disable in ads inside the game then you can disable ads from a €1.29 euro purchase. And then you also get a selection of small knife’s. The game also offer you a bunch of free coins just by going to their Instagram, Facebook and Play Store page. Which I liked 3 badges unlocked fast!

Something I think many games suffer from these days is too many long tutorials how to play a new game. This game will let you instantly get into the game without any annoying popups. Something that is unclear to me in the game is if the knife’s differ in more ways than just the various weight. Because they come in various sizes and shapes. I wonder if that also has an effect on the physics. The game could be a bit more clear in this area. And also what coins per flip actually means.

And Google seem to have some problems with their Play Store leaderboards. With some users having unnatural high score probably cheating in some way. Which makes leaderboards boring. Then it doesn’t serve it’s purpose. This game reminds me about AdVenture Capitalist. Not too spammy, has nice graphics and music. And is fun to play. I can’t wait to see what more features they will implement in the future. There is a lot of potential here.

Something that can be frustrating with this game and make you rage quit is it is a little bit too hard. Kinda feels like a NES Mario game! I wish they had a newbie training session that tries to teach you to become more skilled. Because it’s a little bit too hard and it can sometimes un-motivate you to play.

I can see great potential in the future to maybe implement an online multiplayer mode. Where you can online compete against other knife throwers. This game also reminds me about Fruit Ninja. Which is a fruit slicer game. If you want an amazing experience then buy HTC Vive and purchase Fruit Ninja and play… It’s an amazing experience!

This game also has 14 in-built languages which is good. More than the basic 4-5 many games only have. Of course this game also has a bit Flappy Bird feel. In terms of it’s graphics. But I think they pulled off a real good job at trying to make something creative.

The game has nice 3D from the side style graphics. With nice in-game shadows on the knife. These shadows also move when you throw up the knife!

My favorite modes are the Combo and Arcade modes. The Target and Climb is just too hard. I find the heavier knife’s way easier to handle. At least for the Climb. The tiny Swiss knife that you can get for 300 coins is super cute but wow is it hard to make a perfect throw! On the other hand you feel more pro handling a tiny knife. The KUKRI knife for 300 coins feels so much easier to handle than the tiny Swiss knife. It has 2 out of 3 in weight. And looks amazing!

The popup ads in-game when you play free ad mode last for 5 seconds then you can skip. Which is not too bad. They don’t always show up also. In the end I highly recommend you to check out Flippy Knife!

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