How To Make Your Own Mobile Apps for Android 7.0 and iOS 11!

Today I wanna talk a little bit about making your own mobile apps. I have always been interested in these topics of programming. And it’s quite an exciting subject because of how much you learn while you are making apps. You learn to become a problem solver. My first language I learned was HTML and CSS and how to build basic websites. If you wanna go deeper into the web after HTML and CSS then Javascript and PHP is the path forward. With PHP you can create Forums and Login pages.

There are many ways you can make mobile apps. But I will talk about the main ways. The main way to do it on Android is using the Android Studio from Android Developers. It’s an IDE. Integrated Developer Environment. That will give you lots of help when getting started. If you want to program apps for iOS you will need to use Xcode from Apple Developers. These 2 services are a little different because the Android way is free. To use Apple’s Xcode you will first need an Apple computer and a Developer account which goes for around 100 euro per year.

There is another amazing service called Unity. That will allow you to program apps for multiple platforms at the same time. With Unity it both exist to install on Windows and Mac. It’s a Game Engine. And it will allow you to build and export a project to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, tvOS, Android, Tizen, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS4, WebGL & Samsung TV! So it’s a full universal app if you can’t decide what sort of operating system you wanna work with.

My own experience I highly recommend Xcode if you are serious about app making. The cool thing with Apple’s Xcode is how well produced this software is to truly create beautiful apps. You can fast have some games or software you wanna create up and running. And there are many great tutorials online how you can create stuff.

But if you wanna make apps I highly recommend you start with Unity because of it’s universal platform. Also remember that if you are new to programming that the first parts will usually feel extremely boring. But after you have learned one language you will have an easier time to understand other languages because most languages works in many similar ways but with different names. If you wanna see the potenial with Unity then I recommend that you go watch Brackeys on YouTube.

Probably the most talented person in creating games fast and making both the graphics and music himself! If you are curious on solid Xcode tutorials then I recommend you checkout Ray Wenderlich they create extreme high quality material. I am always amazed how good their work is. I just wanna buy it because of the amazing work they put into their work!

Of course it will be easier for most to start looking into Android programming because then you will have a larger audience you can easier send out your app to. With Apple’s Xcode and swift language that will be way more complicated. And it could be a bit annoying when you have started with a new project.

One of the things I notice when I get deep into focus on programming is you make fast progress! And then if you stop for a few weeks and look back at what you created it may look scary all the things you did. After you lost momentum it will all look so hard again. Our brain we use when deeply focused on a task is extremely powerful.

One thing I highly recommend when you do a new project is learn it to others same time that you are building it! Even though you don’t know all the whole process of teaching others at the same time will make you smarter and burn in the lessons deeper into your head. And another thing that is awesome is how you will get feedback from others at the same time, people that is exploring the same kind of field.

And with those people you can form a strong group where you can learn together and faster by sharing ideas. As the universe seems to work everything you focus on a lot seems to expand.

So if you just throw your projects out there to others to comment and give feedback on then you are working on a law of universal abundance. Every time you give value you will get the same sort of value back in life. Which I have discovered in my life. You really can’t cheat yourself forward in life.

It really does take humility to build your own apps. Because with programming you will detect how little you actually know in life. For me that has never been a problem because I have always been in love with life. And always loved to explore areas other’s don’t wanna explore. I’m on a continuing journey!

The thing is also that when you create your own apps and truly understand how various apps work you will be more of an owner in life and feel more in control. And you will also realise there are no limits in life. Everything you see around yourself was built by humans just like you. Steve Jobs had a great quote about that.

I always found the Android tutorials online a bit boring. I need more soul and love in teaching to actually wanna learn a language. With Xcode you have this amazing community of people who truly create amazing apps and games. And same with Unity you have dedicated people who truly wanna create something amazing. Which I highly love.

I don’t want programming to be this boring thing because then it’s very easy to give up. Programming needs to be connected with Beauty/Fun/Soul/Spirit. If it becomes that then it will be more fun learning something new.

Learning needs to become fun! I think I will start to dig deep inside of Unity again or Xcode. My only problem is I feel life is too short! I really enjoy Beauty and Knowledge more than programming. But if life was longer like 1000 years then I would easily invest a couple 100 years into mobile programming.

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