Why Steve Jobs Is The Most Overrated CEO

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I have never understood the obsession with Steve Jobs. Apple’s CEO. Surely he did some interesting things but this extreme obsession with him is just silliness. Surely he has done some decent things in terms of communication. But if you look at today the modern time the internet hasn’t really moved society forward. We are actually having more and more issues. The phones and gadgets Steve Jobs came out with has it made society more intelligent? Or are we going back in time?

Old School!

When phones was just a basic way to communicate via voice people went out to see each other. Now people stay inside and play some game alone. All these devices Steve Jobs came out with has made society more lazy and we are more a passive culture. Desperate for a hero. The middle class chose Steve Jobs. They needed a modern hero and instead of using someone who has stood the test of time like Leonardo Da Vinci they chose a person who loved money and was obsessed with vanity.

What happen’s when people get obsessed with 1 hero figure? They become mostly passive. They think that person did something amazing that other’s people cannot do. They oversimplify life. Should we celebrate gadgets that are actually making people lazier? Sure some use it to progress in their life but most people are falling behind. And the rich are constantly getting richer. Shouldn’t we strive for beauty, truth and knowledge instead of mass consumerism?

Greek Wisdom!

Why not have some real role models like philosophers like Plato and Aristotle? I bet there are people out there that will argue Steve Jobs has done more for history than these massive Greek heroes. Or what about the Ancient Egypt? With their amazing Pyramids clearly they also shows that we have been way more intelligent in the past than what we are as of 2017. We live in a time of lowering our standards.

People instead of creating websites they put all their stuff and work on “social media”. These services can be gone in 2 seconds. All your life work forever erased. Or if the electricity to your iPhone would go away how would people be able to take care of themselves. Clearly this phone industry and computer industry mostly have been a capitalist way to take over the world.

Lazy Middle Class

Maybe Steve Jobs had a starting idea about changing the world but it’s not how it has worked out. To be honest society would be way better off without all this so called “progressive technology”. The only thing it does for 99% of people is making them lazier and passive. Instead of worrying about their family they worry about things far away from them.

The human consciousness is already low as it is. But the extreme zombie state we are now starting to develop will be even wilder than ever before. You can barely see a person walk on the street without their eyes glued to an iPhone screen. Is this progress? No it’s going back.

People used to talk to each other in relationships now they rather just talk into a screen. Or play a stupid video game. Maybe we will one day improve our brain with technology but I do not think so. Just look how little progress that has happened with phones from 2007 to 2017. 10 years and the only update we have seen is a bit bigger screen. But it’s just moving in a slow update stage to make as much money as possible.


Was Steve Jobs creative? Yes. Is he a hero? No absolutely not. People do have this addiction into believing he did something nobody else can do. What a joke! We all are humans with a brain and can do exactly what he did. With the same effort or more we can do more even. There are literally millions of people out there that is just like Steve Jobs. But instead of taking action and use their creativity they obsess about Steve as he did something nobody else can do.

For some reason if you make a lot of money people think you are a genius. It’s not true. It’s just more 0s we are still the same silly humans. I have done over 9000 videos on YouTube and I can tell you people are in such a deep zombie state you wouldn’t believe it. On average people spend 2 mins on a video after 1 click. On just a stupid video! And then people look at you like you are a modern day genius. We are not. We just took action.


My main idea I wanna leave you with is stop obsessing over Steve Jobs please. I have seen so many people obsess about him like he is a genius. Just because he stands and say some words at a pretentious university doesn’t mean he is a genius. It’s all just a show folks. The middle class loves the fantasy of a hero and their gadgets. What would they do without them? The gadgets starts to own their life.

Be strong and just go out and take action. Produce a lot. Be an owner over your own work. Make an email list and gather an army of loyal fans that wanna be your family! You have infinite potential and be strong. Burn away your weakness by taking lot’s of action and reading intelligent books. And this blog of course. Learn from other’s but don’t put anyone above you like they are so above you. They are not. They have just taken more action so they get better results in life.

I Love My Life!

If I can make money then so can you. I remember one guy once said to me on Facebook. You will never make any money on YouTube. 12 months later I was making 5,500 euro in one month from YouTube. I took his real feedback and wanted to prove him wrong. Now I have been able to live on my dream since 2012 in a full-time mode. It’s been a paradise experience. If I can do that in 12 months just remember you can do the same. You have infinite potential. Stay strong!

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  1. Hi there, Adrian.

    Now, I don’t really think Steve Jobs is a hero of some “evolution”. I really do think people think about him as an important person in the business and tech history because he really is some unique kind of CEO. You know, many people say that their bosses are really rude with them from time to time, but gosh, Steve Jobs was really aggressive. You see – he is a hero in the matter of making everything just the way he likes it. He thinks that he’s the only one right and everybody else is wrong.

    So, anyway, if you want to talk even more about tech with me, feel free to contact my e-mail. Thanks so much for reading this!

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