New Amazing LG V30 Render Leaks. Galaxy Note 8 Killer?

We have a new render of the V30 that got leaked by Evan Blass. It looks beautiful with it’s edge-to-edge display. Will probably feature Snapdragon 835 processor just as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 will be running. We can see the dual-lens camera on the back. What I like here about this render is it seems like it won’t be having a glass back. But I may be wrong because some rumors points to a leaked glass panel.

Both the OLED iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a glass back. Which is bad if you drop the device by accident. Many of us don’t like to use extra cases. My S8 is already have glass shattered on the back and will probably cost 200 euro to replace so no point. Another thing with the V30 is it probably won’t have a removable battery option. We saw LG doing that with the G4 and G5. The G5 had this modular design that kind of failed.

We are expecting the new V30 to go official on August 31. And released date September 15. Standard variant seems like it will cost 700 dollar and a plus variant of V30 will cost 875 dollar. So what you get in Plus variant? More storage, wireless charging and better audio. For me personally it doesn’t seem to be that much worth it. Who uses wireless charging? Almost nobody. Too gimmicky.

I really do hope the V30 has an IP67 rating. The IP rating on Samsung phones have almost performed well for me. The IP rating on iPhone 7 was horrible for me. Two of my iPhone 7s got destroyed being in Water and Coca-Cola for me. I hope LG provide a quality protection and not just splash protection.

Other specs rumors are 4GB Ram, 6″ QHD+ Display FullVision OLED. Compared to the G6 it looks like the V30s camera will bump out a little. The G6 has a flat camera on back that doesn’t stand out from the body. The user interface will be LG’s UX 6.0. It will feature a floating bar with useful common settings. Kind of like Samsung is doing with their main phones. V30 will also feature Always on Display (AOD), also same as Samsung to quickly see the clock and other important functions without having to fully turn the display on. Other features in LG’s AOD will be Quick Tools, Music Player and a personal photograph.

V30 will also have face recognition that will be able to unlock the device even when the display is turned off. This is something that the Samsung Galaxy S8 cannot do. But I find face recognise feature to be working real well on the Samsung phone. Even better than the Iris scanner that scans your eyes.

LG have also said that the V30s camera will feature the largest aperture and most clear lens ever to be in a smartphone. it will feature F/1.6 lens that will bring in 25% more light than F/1.8 lens which sounds impressive. The V30 should be way better in colour reproduction.

I am looking forward to the LG V30! Are you?

I also did a quick comparison against older LG back designs!

Have an awesome day.

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Mouse on Screen Scary Joke Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Have you ever wanted to have a big mouse walking around on your screen? Probably not! But there is now an app for that to simulate a fat mouse walking around on your screen. It’s called Mouse on Screen Scary Joke!

Inside of settings you can first Hide mouse icon in status bar. You can disable mouse sound. You can also put in a mouse delay. Either show mouse immediately, after 10 seconds, or a custom time. You can also select what edge you want the mouse to walk on. The default is left edge. The last setting you can tweak is mouse size. I wish that the textures they used inside this app was of higher resolution. If you go back to first screen you have a green button up on top you tap to Show Mice. Then he starts walking on your home screen.

I actually think this is a pretty cool app because of how smooth it runs on Samsung Galaxy S8. No slow-downs. But I wish you could make the mouse even smaller. And it would be cool if there was an option inside the app to include many different mouse variants. As well as more than one mouse at the same time. When mouse walks on screen he does walk over the app icons but he does not walk over the on screen keys at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Which makes it look a little weird.


Something that is very nice is if you make the mouse walk on the bottom screen then he doesn’t walk over the on-screen keys. So it looks way more realistic. It would be cool if you could add voice functionality to be able to talk to the mouse and make him stop and tell him to do certain tasks. But I don’t think this is possible to do with Android live wallpapers for the moment. Maybe in the future!

Will you download this app? Or would you like another animal to walk on your home screens? It would be cool if this app also worked on the lock screen. Oh wait it does! How amazing! If you have any future app recommendations then please let me know! I love to check out cool Android Apps.

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How To Use Your Camera As Live Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy S8

Have you ever wanted to use your camera as a live wallpaper? Well there is now an app for that and it’s called: Transparent Phone. This app will allow you to use either your rear camera or your back camera as a live wallpaper. This worked on my Samsung Galaxy S8 but will also work with other phones. It runs smooth and works also on lock screen. Or you can just use it on the home screens.

You can’t tap to focus because it’s not in photo mode. But maybe you can pretend your phone is transparent. Many people have complained that it’s not truly transparent like it can be hard to fool a person but I think the app does a cool job using your camera as your background. Just be aware that it makes your camera running a lot so it can make your device warm and make your battery last shorter.

This is a great app for people who love to look at themselves just use the front facing camera on the lock screen and you don’t even have to unlock the device to see yourself. All the time!

Some cool app ideas here would be to add fantasy figures appear on the screen while the camera is being used. Kind of like the game Pokemon Go is doing it by showing pokemons using your camera. I’m not sure if this is possible using the Android programming language but it would be pretty cool if it could be done!

Will I be using this app anymore? Probably not. Even though I like cool live wallpapers like the Earth HD, Solar System HD apps I showed a couple of days ago I really do prefer just a normal static wallpaper. What do you prefer? Many people probably use live wallpapers because they get tons of downloads.

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Talking About The Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

So today I felt like doing a quick video talking a little bit about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Hope you will enjoy. I mainly talk about the problems I feel the Note 8 has. The glass back and the non-removal back! I was one of the first guys to adopt the original Samsung Galaxy Note when it got launched by Samsung at the end of 2011. Samsung Galaxy S8 have had a lot of software problems as glitches and lag. I really hope Note 8 will have all of that fixed!

If you want you can also check out my article where I compare the new iPhone 8’s rumored specs vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Potential Specs. Here is that article!

I am sad that the iPhone 8 won’t have a fingerprint sensor. I use it on all of my new phones. It’s a good safety system that always works. The facial recognition feature the iPhone will use that’s a bit more unreliable. Because it will probably work bad in low light.

But I have to say I am pretty impressed with how good face recognition works on the Samsung Galaxy S8! The S8 both has face recognition and an Iris scanner which just scans your eyes. You can use this for payments and writing in passwords in the Samsung browser.

Stay Awesome.

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New GameSir G4s Android & Windows & PS3 Controller First Look Photos!

So today I got a new wireless controller from GameSir. It’s called GameSir G4s. I will check it out how it performs with Android phones and playing some games with it. Let me know what phones you want me to check out this controller with. And if you want me to compare it against any other controller. Maybe the Xbox One Controller or PlayStation 4 Controller.

Here are some photos of the controller!